Gorilla Perfume Kerbside Violet Giveaway

Kerbside Violet

Kerbside Violet

Yesterday I took a look at three of the fragrance within Gorilla Perfume’s latest collection of scent, ‘Death, Decay and Renewal’. All-in-all, I found this third volume from the renegade perfumers to be exceptionally well-crafted, thought provoking, and despite the doom and gloom in the name, surprisingly optimistic too. Death, Decay and Renewal defies expectations and instills a sense that leads one to think that, even at the worst of times, there is still beauty in the world.

One of the more unusual scents in the collection is Kerbside Violet, a fragrance that has been created to capture the idea of chance encounters in an urban setting. I’m a big fan of violet as a note, so much so in fact, that I dedicated a whole post to it in my Jasmine Award winning Guide to Violet. So to celebrate the nationwide launch of Gorilla Perfume’s Volume 3, I have a 10ml spray bottle of the intriguing Kerbside Violet to give away.

The Prize

Thanks to the lovely people at Gorilla Perfume, I have one 10ml spray of Kerbside Violet to give away. If you’d like to know more about the scent, then just click here to read my review.

How to Enter

To enter, simply leave a comment telling me which person, dead or alive, you would like to have a chance encounter with on the streets and why. Keep it clean, people. Mine would either be Whoopi Goldberg or Madonna (of course). This giveaway is now closed.

The (Not so) Fine Print

1) the draw will close at 22:00 (GMT) on Monday 02 March 2015; 2) only one entry per person – repeat entries will not be counted; 3) the winner will be selected at random via random.org; 3) the winner will be announced on Tuesday 03 March 2015; 5) the winner will be asked to provide The Candy Perfume Boy with their postal address; 6) if the winner has not made contact with The Candy Perfume Boy within 7 days of announcement, I reserve the right to redraw; 7) I will post anywhere in the world but will not be held accountable for lost items or customs charges; 8) the winner’s details will not be shared with any third parties,; 9) the prize is a 10ml spray bottle of Kerbside Violet and must be accepted as rewarded with no cash alternative; 10) relatives of or persons associated with The Candy Perfume Boy are not permitted to enter. Good, I’m glad we got that out of the way.

Image my own. Prize via Gorilla Perfume.


56 thoughts on “Gorilla Perfume Kerbside Violet Giveaway

  1. It would be the young Elvis Presley.What a guy and so much charisma !Love his moves and music.

  2. Hi! I’d like to have a chance encounter with Werner Herzog, on a footpath on the Bavarian Alps, and tell him he’s the film director I admire most in the world, and ask him a lot of questions about his masterpieces!

  3. Thank you so much for this giveaway!!!
    I can answer this without even thinking! It has GOT TO BE Kylie Minogue.
    She is my insipration and I adore her!
    I sat only a few rows from her in one of her concerts once and it blew me away. Imagine meeting on the street! Face to face!

  4. Mine would either be Steve Jobs or Rosie O’Donnell. Steve Jobs, because he was basically my idol growing up, and Rosie O’Donnell—who’s not my favorite celebrity or anything—just because she seems like a very down-to-earth celebrity who’d be fun to chat up for a bit. Also because I had a recurring dream for a while that she was my hairdresser and I’ve had a soft spot for her ever since.

    Actually wait, no, Fiona Apple.

  5. I would love to meet Ariana Grande because I find she is a really genuinely nice person so I would love to talk to her!

  6. You!!! We could talk perfume for days over a nice glass of wine in some interesting and classy winery. Sounds wonderful. : )

  7. I would like to meet Beyonce. I think she is a great artist and I love her life style. I love her.

  8. Hi there! I’d love the opportunity to meet Bruce Willis. He just seems like a fun guy! Thanks for the generous draw!

  9. I think I’d like to encounter Bruce Springsteen, so I could tell him what his music has meant to me all these years, but I suspect I’d be tongue-tied and gibber fruitlessly at him so it is probably best that this doesn’t happen!

    cheerio 😉

  10. All the Lush Gorilla scents I’ve come across have been interesting. I haven’t loved every one of them, but they are never, ever dull. Thank you for the opportunity to win a new perfume!
    I would like to sneak into the Tardis and travel in time to meet Charles II, because of his swarthy good looks, intellectual curiosity and joie de vivre. I might go all Nell Gwynn on him and let him smell my lovely ripe oranges…

  11. So many choices! I’ll say… Gloria Swanson. She was a glamorous silent movie star, (and made movies into the 70’s) author, business woman, early advocate for healthier eating…and so much more!

  12. I would like to meet John Lennon before the Beatles era. I would like to know what kind of person he was before became famous and maybe will warn about a walk one day through the Central Park

  13. Being a biologist I would have to say Charles Darwin, if only to tell him his theory on evolution by natural selection was right all along despite being extremely radical at the time, and how much an influence he has had on modern day evolutionary biology 😀

  14. The person I’d choose, probably to be found somewhere in a gutter, looking up at the starts – would be, of course, Oscar Wilde. And if ever there was someone that actually brings ‘violets’ to mind, it would certainly be our dear departed dandy. 🙂 … As to why exactly, phew, too much to mention. But mostly, ‘cauz I imagine he’d be one helluva totally 3D stimulating camp acerbic fun blast !!…
    A riot to be had by the end of the night, I’m sure…
    … (& Thank for the fab giveaway T’) 🙂

  15. I’d love to meet Bjork too, because she’s such a fascinating person and a great artist. And maybe some of her style would rub off on me. 😉

  16. Mine would have to be Hugh Laurie 🙂 love him!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this! I had a spray of the tester in store the other day and loved it !!

  17. I would have liked to bump into Sokrates somewhere on the streets of ancient Athens. I seem to remember that he used to wander around the town and ask everyone questions to get them thinking – quite a weird experience, probably, but still, I’d be extremely curious what he would actually ask …

  18. I would probably want to stumble upon Dita Von Teese, not only am I completely smitten with her, she’s also led a very interesting life. + her taste in most everything is impeccable.

  19. I would like to bump into Simon Barnes, author of How To Be A Bad Birdwatcher, on the street. He seems like he’d be very nice company and my bird call identification skills might improve 😄

  20. Bill Murray.
    Sly high-five, carry right on walking with a smile for the rest of the day 🙂
    Because Bill Murray.

  21. This is easy. I’d love to meet Christina Aguilera or Alexander McQueen. She’s my favourite singer; he was one of the designers who made me love fashion and made me believe in the magic of it. Too bad he’s gone too soon 😦

  22. My grandma coz I love her. I was in not backome with her when she passed away! I really miss her!

  23. Entering at the last moment here. Who would I want to meet in the street? Louis Armstrong maybe. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I’m getting pretty impatient waiting for series three to make it to North America. 🙂

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