The Candy Perfume Boy’s Perfumed Periscope Experiment

Join me on Periscope
Join me on Periscope

Forget your Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, because there’s a new social media app in town, and it goes by the name of ‘Periscope’. But what does it do? Well, in short, Periscope allows people to live stream to the world directly from their smart phone, meaning that social media users can broadcast whatever it is that they are doing, whether that be watching TV, baking a cake or, as I did the other day, riding their bike. Viewers can then comment, ask questions, ‘like’ the video, or ask the broadcaster to show them the contents of their fridge, as seems to be the tradition.

In an attempt to embrace this new medium I’d like you to join me in a perfumed Periscope experiment. At 20:00 GMT on Wednesday 15 April 2015, I will be broadcasting live from my living room. The subject will be my top five fragrances for summer 2015 and I will be discussing the scents, and why I like them, as well as answering viewer questions (within reason, obviously) and just generally interacting with whoever wishes to watch. Of course, this could all go horribly wrong, but I want to see whether we can use Periscope for something fun and informative. My question to you then is – will you join me?

How to Join the Broadcast

I will be live on Periscope on Wednesday 15 April 2015 at 20:00 GMT. To watch, you will need to download the Periscope app onto your smartphone and follow me on @candyperfumeb0y. I will send out a tweet on my Twitter account once the broadcast starts so that you can view and join in. It’s as simple as that!

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