Smelly News: Byredo Launches Oliver Peoples Collaboration at Selfridges

"Joint Perception" - Byredo and Oliver Peoples
“Joint Perception” – Byredo and Oliver Peoples

Stockholm based niche fragrance house Byredo have teamed up with Californian sunglasses brand Oliver Peoples for a scented collaboration that pairs stylish eyewear with an equally fashionable fragrance. Inspired by the idea of synesthesia, the “joint perception of the senses”, where one can see colours or shapes when experiencing certain smells, a California-inspired fragrance was created to evoke the idea of a land seen through the varying shades of different coloured lenses. The result is a fragrance that is spicy, marine-like and warm, and in a link to the lense colours, is available in Byredo’s signature bottle shaded in either indigo, champagne or green to match the limited edition sunglasses.

“The conception of the collaboration was achieved through Byredo’s master perfume perceiving the sights of Los Angeles through different coloured lenses, and translating them into various smells, therefore producing a multi-faceted fragrance. This unique effort has resulted in an original frame designed by Oliver Peoples, through which the color of the lenses will correlate with the aroma of the custom blended fragrance by Byredo”

– Byredo/Oliver Peoples

"Joint Perception" Byredo
“Joint Perception” Byredo
"Joint Perception" Oliver Peoples
“Joint Perception” Oliver Peoples

Byredo and Oliver Peoples have created a space in the London department store Selfridges where customers can experience the fragrance, frames and lenses together. This retail space allows one to pick out the eyewear and fragrance bottle that speak to them, and is an interesting exercise in understanding what the individual eye is drawn to. Also, as we are so led by the marketing and packaging of our fragrances, it’s quite fascinating to see whether the fragrance itself is perceived differently when smelled in each of the three bottle shades. Does the indigo highlight the marine notes or does the champagne accentuate the warm sand? Intrigued by this, and the scent? Swing by on Monday for a full review.

Green, Amber & Blue - The Three Shades of Byredo Oliver Peoples
Green, Amber & Blue – The Three Shades of Byredo Oliver Peoples

The Notes

Top: Juniper Berries and Californian Lemon
Heart: Orris Butter and Patchouli Fraction
Base: Musks, Warm Sand Accord and Helichrysum


Byredo Oliver Peoples is available in 50ml Eau de Parfum for £105. The limited edition Byredo Oliver Peoples sunglasses (£315) and box set (£400) are available exclusively at Selfridges. The retail space can be found on the ground floor in Selfridge’s beauty hall.

Image 1 via Image 2 and 3 my own. Image 4 via Notes and quotes via press release.