Nº5 The Body Oil

I didn’t originally have a post scheduled for today, but I simply had to tell you about something brand new and exciting from CHANEL. I mean, it would be rude of me not to spread some CHANEL-scented joy now, wouldn’t it? Indeed! Seeing as it’s nearly Christmas (only 71 more sleeps, people) and the holiday season is the domain of CHANEL Nº5, it makes sense that Paris’ biggest fashion house is treating us to a delightfully scented treat just in time for gifting season – a treat that is certainly getting me very excited: Nº5 Body Oil.

“Nº5 THE BODY OIL offers an exceptional moment of supreme refinement. The extremely gentle scented oil brings a promise of relaxation in the soothing atmosphere of Nº5. It subtly emits the iconic fragrance like a beckoning path to sensual delight. Bathed in a delicate scent, the skin is left soft, moisturised and dry to the touch.”


THE BODY OIL (Others Need Not Apply)

‘THE BODY OIL’ as it’s called, almost as a way of saying that other body oils need not apply, comes scented quite strongly with Nº5, boasting rather boldly, the shimmering aldehyde notes that make Nº5 well, ‘Nº5’. A quick spritz of the huge 200ml frosted bottle unleashes a measured mist of dry body oil, which sits on the skin in a fragrant haze without leaving any grease.

What I really like about the oil is that it feels like a really good way to wear Nº5, with or without a spritz of perfume on top. I’ve been splashing it on before getting in to bed and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of silky soft skin scented with timeless champagne and florals as one heads into the land of nod. I feel like Marilyn Monroe slipping into silky sheets of the softest pink, even though I’m really an almost 30 year old man climbing into NEXT’s finest Egyptian Cotton, but a boy can dream, can’t he?

Whether you’re someone who likes Nº5 but finds it on the heavier side, or if you adore Nº5 and just want more, more, more, then THE BODY OIL (to end all body oils) is a worthy product to investigate. Also, at £62 for 200ml it feels like a bargain. I’ll have one in my stocking please, Santa. I have been a very good boy this year, well, maybe very good, but I have done some behaving, so that must count for something, right?


CHANEL Nº5 THE BODY OIL £62/200ml.

Sample and info via CHANEL. Images are my own.