GT Shopping – Fragrance a Plenty!

GT Shopping – Fragrance a Plenty!

I was approached by GT shopping, the retail arm of Gay Times magazine, to write a few words about my experiences using their site. So off I trotted to the site to have a good look at what they had to offer, focusing as one would expect, predominately on the grooming and fragrances brands. GT Shopping is a lifestyle shopping site that offers the latest and greatest in everything from menswear to technology, including grooming products, sports products and even stuff for the home. It’s a place to find a top up of your Tom Ford as well as to find the perfect outfit to wear with it.

What I like most about GT Shopping is the diverse range of grooming and fragrance brands that range from mainstream favourites such as Thierry Mugler and Calvin Klein to higher end houses such as Tom Ford as well as specialist brands like L’Occitane. The most impressive thing though, is the fact that GT Shopping is a destination most likely to be used by men however, it is non discriminate in its offerings, boasting fragrances marketed as feminine as well as masculine, to really allow one to wear what the heck they want. It’s a good selection and I also found a Paul Smith shirt I’m desperate for, which I wasn’t expecting, so happiness all round!

To take a gander for yourself as to what is on offer in terms of fashion, fragrance, grooming, technology and homeware, head on over to

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