Celebrity By CHANEL

Stars don’t go out, they create their own light


What do an Oscar-winning actress, a dancer, a prima ballerina, a psychologist, a writer and a magazine editor have in common? They all know about the notion of celebrity.

To celebrate the centenary of Nº5, CHANEL has interviewed six inspiring voices to discuss what celebrity is and how it has evolved. Marion Cotillard, Lil Buck, Marie-Agnès Gillot, Graydon Carter, Hung Huang and Laurie Santos each share their thoughts on celebrity, exploring icons, idols and legends, skill and craft, the blurring of lines between the celebrity and the normal person, how celebrity has changed in China, how craft is influenced by celebrity, and how celebrity has impacted popular culture.

Six fascinating conversations.
Six inspiring voices.
100 years of celebrity

You can check out the video above and if you want more, you can find vignettes for each of the inspiring voices featured here.



Video via CHANEL. This is not a sponsored post.