Desperately Seeking Vintage

Perfume and fashion go hand in hand in so many ways. The majority of major fashion houses have their own perfume lines and there are a number of scents that are inspired by clothing (No 5 & La Petite Robe Noire etc). One of the big ways fashion and perfume intertwine is through the search for vintage.

Vintage is huge in the fashion industry, fashionistas will search high and low to find that perfect vintage piece from Oscar de la Renta or Chanel. Perfumistas are the same, some will trawl through page after page on eBay trying to find just a few drops of vintage Miss Dior.

Perfumes, unlike fashion pieces are ever-evolving, thanks to the changes in the availability of natural materials, the tightening purse strings of perfume houses and the ever looming dark cloud that is IFRA (a little dramatic I know). It’s a well known fact that formulas change and year after year the classics seem to become less like they should be and in some cases pale in comparison to their original incarnations.

Since becoming a member of Basenotes, I have notice just how prevalent the ‘vintage scene’ is and I’ve learned a lot about which incarnation of a scent smells the best.

What do I think of vintage?

Vintage perfume has never been at the top of my list of priorities, there is just so much new stuff to smell that vintage seems to be the last thing I think about. I do own a few drops of vintage perfume namely; a 7.5ml bottle of Vol de Nuit extrait, a small mini of Shalimar Parfum de Toilette and other assorted bits. But for me, I like to leave vintage well enough alone, what can be worse than falling in love with the older incarnations of a fragrance when they are impossible to obtain? I’m happy with the newer formulas and I don’t mind the odd drop of vintage for reference, after all it’s good to see how the classics used to smell.

Is this a contradiction? Perhaps.

The news of major reformulations at Dior, namely Homme and Homme Intense got me thinking about vintage formulations. When I heard that Dior Homme had been tinkered with and that the new formulation wasn’t as good as the original, I found myself in a frenzied panic, searching for old bottles. It turns out that vintage does matter to me, if any of the scents that I love get changed I will most likely stock up because I love the scents the way they are.

I won’t seek out the vintage, or look back but I will aim to enjoy the fragrances I love in the incarnation I love, not necessarily in the incarnation the perfume houses want me to.

Join the Discussion!

Do you lust after vintage perfume?

Do you own any vintage juice?

Are there any scents that your prefer in their vintage formulations/current formulations?


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