The White Stuff – Five Scents for Snow

Nigel in the Snow

Nigel expertly posing in yesterday’s falling snow.

The snow has come to Britain, and in true British style everybody has lost their shiz. Seriously, we knew the snow would be coming this weekend on Thursday and ever since the supermarkets have been packed and the shelves have been emptied. Petrol pumps have been drained and the grit has been stock-piled.

I don’t what it is about us Brits that makes us so panicky when it comes to snow, it’s never really that bad, yet the whole country seems to come to a standstill with the slightest flake of the white stuff. Seriously guys, relax, snow is awesome, yeah it’s cold and it totally SUCKS to drive in, especially if your car is a Matchbox Toy like mine (i.e. a Fiat 500), but there is nothing more fun than taking walks in the snow, making Snow Angels and throwing snowballs at your weedy boyfriend!

In order to make the most out of the snow (which has already started to thaw), I thought I’d compile a list of five scents that are best suited to wearing in the snow. Us Fumeheads do like to match our scents to the occasion, and snow is no exception. The scents that I have picked all have a snowy aura, but they also bring warmth and comfort in a time when those qualities are needed in abundance.

Chanel No 5

Chanel N°5

When creating N°5, Ernest Beaux is said to have been inspired by mountain snow and to me, this most classic of the classics is the perfect scent for a snowy day. With its glacial blast of aldehydes and bright, white florals, N°5 is a perfect accompaniment to the freezing cold snowy air.

N°5 isn’t all about the cold though, it warms considerably with time and after the sparkling and incandescent opening it develops into a rich, warm and wonderfully beautiful sandalwood that will keep the cold at bay whilst smelling fabulous on your winter scarf. There’s a reason why it’s a classic!

Mona di Orio Musc

Mona di Orio Musc

Mona di Orio’s Musc sits in that odd sub-genre of musks that I like to call the ‘snowy muscs’ and it is by far the best of the bunch. When I first tried Musc its beauty hit me like a blizzard, and I couldn’t believe just how ‘snowy’ it is.

Musc takes an incredibly light and soft musk and pairs it with wonderful green notes, sweet powder and a pale pink rose. The warmth of the powder is a welcome comfort and Musc manages to be sweet and powdery without ever being cloying, loud or annoying, it is wonderfully understated. The whole effect is reminiscent of a snow-covered landscape cast in an ever-so-slightly pink hue.

Puredistance I

Puredistance I

A perfume that can be described as ‘magnetic’ or ‘atmospheric’ is always going to be suitable for wearing in the snow. Puredistance I is an incredibly unusual floral-musk that is difficult to wrap your head around. Like snow, it feels like a force of nature, a raw element that is as precious and rare as snow, well, as rare as snow is in England anyways.

Like most of the perfumes I have chosen in this post, Puredistance I starts out cold and austere but it does warm up with time, but I would never describe it as cosy, instead it emanates a warm aura that is more elegant. Puredistance I is one of those perfumes that is hard to describe, it asks to be tried, not just read about.

White Aoud

Montale White Aoud

The other scents in this snow-guide have all been quite reminiscent of the good old white-stuff, not White Aoud however, no White Aoud is a pure, all-out comfort scent. When the mercury drops below zero you will crave this heavenly blend of oud, rose, saffron and vanilla.

White Aoud is one of my favourite winter scents and it really is cosy and snuggly. It is the scented equivalent of your winter hat, gloves & scarf and that hot mug of Chai you drink whilst looking out the window at the cold, thankful that you are warm and toasty inside.

Tauer Pentachord White

Tauer Pentachord White

Iris is one of perfumery’s most cold and aloof materials. It can feel stark, alien and almost sad when smelled in isolation. What Andy Tauer has done with white is quite remarkable, he has taken iris and paired it with a wonderful bourbon vanilla that is creamy, boozy and incredibly comforting.

White is one of those perfumes that entirely befits its name, I can’t imagine it being called anything else. Oh wait, perhaps ‘Snow’ would be a good alternative?

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