Magnetic Elegance – Puredistance I Perfume Review

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Magnetic Elegance

Puredistance is an ultra-luxe and ultra-exclusive niche brand based in Vienna. The brainchild of Jan Ewoud Vos, Puredistance is a brand that offers exclusivity without snobbery or pretence, their perfumes are designed to be “elegant, sophisticated, timeless” [1]. The line currently consists of three perfumes; Puredistance I, Antonia and M. Puredistance I was their first perfume release and was created by Annie Buzantian (originally for herself) in New York, it is described as “understated elegance in its purest form” [2].

I’ve had my sample of Puredistance I (generously given to me by Vanessa of Bonkers About Perfume, thank you Vanessa!) for quite a while now, having tried it many times but I have put off writing a review, simply because I struggled to wrap my head around such an interesting perfume.

I’m sure you’d agree with me when I say that possibly the best part of being a ‘Hardcore Fumehead’ is sampling and trying new fragrances. When I sample new stuff I find that my thoughts tend to fall into one of four categories; it’ll either be love at first sniff, or hate at first sniff, it may even be general apathy at first sniff but sometimes I come across a fragrance that provokes a response of ‘hmm, what is this?’, Puredistance I was one of these fragrances.

Puredistance I

The Notes

Fresh Tangerine Blossom, Cassis, Neroli Bigarade, Magnolia, Rose Wardia, Jasmine, Natural Mimosa, Sweet Amber, Vetiver and White Musk [3]

How Does it Smell?

Puredistance I is a difficult fragrance to classify, it is a floral yes, but it’s not quite like any other floral I have ever tried, and if I were to try and classify it with one word I would choose ‘atmospheric’. It has a wonderful, magnetic elegance that keeps luring me in and bringing me back to it.

This ‘atmospheric’ perfume opens bright, sparkling and fizzy with sweet fruit and luminous florals. At first the florals (jasmine, magnolia, rose and mimosa) are sharp and green with an unusual vegetal aspect, but they soften and warm with time. The real beauty of Puredistance I lies within the harmony of the florals, no single flower stands out above the others, and each flower works together to create a new floral impression like no other.

The citrus and florals are draped with a blinding white musk. I think that the musk was the part that confused me with Puredistance I, I couldn’t get my head around just how bright and clean the musk is without feeling cheap or smelling soapy. The musk seems to elevate all of the other notes, it gives them an airy quality and allows Puredistance I to permeate every fibre of the soul, it wears like an attitude, a sense of glamour, style and beauty.

The base consists of warm amber, with sweet vanillic tones, pale florals and that gorgeous white musk. It lasts for an age and slowly becomes more transparent and closer to the skin with time.

My description of Puredistance I may make it sound like it is a very simple fragrance, and you may be thinking; ‘oh, florals and musk, that doesn’t sound very different from most of the dreck on the market’, but it really is very different. It strikes a chord with me because it manages to showcase a beautifully complex simplicity. Now I know that’s a complete oxymoron, but it’s true, Puredistance I is complex in its simplicity – a perfume as harmonious and as luxurious as this is no mean feat to create.

Puredistance I is incredibly tenacious, but I wouldn’t call it loud. It has extraordinary silage for a Parfum Extrait (with a whopping 32% concentration I have to add) but it’s not really intrusive. Being ‘atmospheric’ it casts a wonderful fragrant glow around the wearer that is evocative of high-class beauty.

My first experience with the Puredistance brand has been interesting and enjoyable to say the least. I have samples of the other two fragrances in the line (M and Antonia) and I don’t think I could be more excited! *

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Puredistance FlaconThe Bottle

All Puredistance perfumes are available in 17.5ml and 100ml flacons. The 17.5ml flacon resembles (a rather posh) test tube.

I find it incredibly handy that each of these Parfum Extraits are presented in a spray bottle, I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of dabbing and I wish more brands would follow suit.

A series of accessories are available, including leather cases, a stand and a Swarovski crystal column (pictured and available in clear & silver, clear & gold and black & silver). The packaging is ultra-luxe but it feels, clean simple and pure.


Puredistance I is available in 17.5ml and 100ml Parfum Extrait. Prices range from €165 and €490.


This review is based on a sample generously provided by the lovely Vanessa of Bonkers About Perfume.

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Image 1 (Alexander McQueen Couture from the book ‘Savage Beauty’)
Image 2 & 3

* Afterthought.