Gotta Love That Gorilla – Gorilla Perfume Furze & The Voice of Reason Perfume Reviews

Ooh Gorilla!

Ooh Gorilla!

As a die-hard fragrance nerd it’s difficult not to love Gorilla Perfume, the fragrant arm of those smelly bath purveyors Lush. For one, they march to the beat of their own drum, drawing inspiration from subjects as varied as Thai Ladyboys and Italian showers. But perhaps most importantly they are an outfit that champions that old idiom “It’s all about the juice”, caring first and foremost for the perfume above bottles and marketing.

This passion for perfume has allowed Lush to birth a line of beautiful, surprising and sometimes downright-wacky fragrances that challenge one’s notion of what constitutes a scent as much as they serve to inspire and foster a life-long love for all that is perfume. It sounds corny but it is brands like Gorilla Perfume that are the reason why I love perfume, when there is so much to be cranky about they have the ability to restore one’s faith in perfume and make one smile with a single spritz. You gotta love that Gorilla!

Late last year Gorilla Perfume launched 12 new fragrances (that’s right -12) under a new collection entitled ‘Volume 2’. The overall look of this new collection feels like a shift in direction for Gorilla Perfume and I’d say the scents themselves follow suit. There seems to be less focus on the cartoonish hijinks of the past and greater emphasis on a more mature approach – dare I say that our Gorilla may have grown up?!

I was sent a few of these new scents to try and today I’d like to share with you my thoughts on two of the most intriguing; Furze and The Voice of Reason.



“A furze bush near your homestead will protect from curses and hexes. A friendly looking shrub, its yellow flowers smile at you like little suns. Walking across windy moors where they grow in gleeful abundance, they seem to nod their golden heads in greeting, shining brightly even on the greyest of days.”

The Notes

Gorse, Vanilla, Mimosa and Coconut

How Does it Smell?

Furze is my personal favourite of the four new Gorilla’s I have tried (reviews of the other two will be up next week). It is inspired by gorse, the thorny evergreen shrub that is common in the UK (although I must admit that I’ve never knowingly come across it). As expected from a fragrance inspired by a bush, Furze is incredibly crisp and green from the outset. It has a vegetal dewy-ness to it that feels as if it is bursting with minerals and purity.

The first half hour or so is an essay in photo realism. One can picture the cool, nature-filled air of a florists as one inhales the calming aroma. With time Furze moves away from the refreshing nature of the stems and the leaves to the sweetness of petals and pollen. It slowly becomes creamy and sweet with vanilla, tinged by the dusty perfume of violet petals. Compared to the opening this almost edible quality appears to have come from nowhere but the reality is that the transition is so seamless that it slowly creeps up on you.

In the base vanilla and coconut take precedent, making for a dreamy, plush finish that despite being a little bit tasty is done with such a steady hand that Furze never loses touch with the noble shrub from which it draws inspiration. This dichotomy of nature and the ever-so-slightly gourmand makes for an interesting mix because it never feels entirely plucked from nature nor entirely edible. Furze sits somewhere happily in the middle where both worlds overlap to create something entirely new.

The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason

“In the basement café, tucked over on the wrong side of town where the tourists won’t wander…the walls are throbbing. The beat, all-pervading, all invading, entrances the dancers. The band plays to back up the bard who’s pontificating, through the air, smoke laden, and the hep cats supplicating. Above the squawks and the steam of the coffee machine, over the chatter and patter of the crowd who are gathered. We are The Voice of Reason.”

The Notes

Sandalwood, Buddhawood, Coffee, Cigarettes and Rose

How Does it Smell?

Now a notes list that contains “sandalwood, buddhawood, coffee, cigarettes and rose” most definitely piques my interest and it would be safe to say that The Voice of Reason is most definitely an interesting perfume. As Gorilla Perfume puts it, The Voice of Reason is inspired by “the talkers and bards, Leonard Cohen, Gil Scott-Heron, Alan Ginsberg, the Beat poets, the ones who spoke for us” and with names like that being thrown around one can expect something good.

The Voice of Reason represents a multitude of sounds through a cacophony of smells. All at once it smells like; leather, smoked ham, cigarette ash, barbecue sauce and rum. It is both savoury and sweet and constantly swirls like a wheel of fortune, stopping briefly on each facet before continuing with its constant, frenzied motion.

As a shapeshifter, The Voice of Reason never really seems to settle in to anything specific. Even in its final moments it portrays its many nuances, albeit in a more subdued fashion. Like the ‘bards’ it intends to evoke it feels slightly tortured, and as with all great musicians it is the imperfections and the turmoil that makes for the best music, or in this case the best smells.

I will happily say that The Voice of Reason is a wonderful and unique perfume that you should definitely seek out. That said, I don’t like it and it is not something that I would wear. On me the barbecue sauce aspect is too prominent and instead of making me crave a hot dog it sends me straight for the Brillo pads. On paper though, it is wonderful and you would be silly not to road test it yourself.


Both Furze and The Voice of Reason are available in 7g, 25g, 28g, 43g, 46g and 92g Eau de Parfum from Lush stores and Gorilla Perfume online. Prices range from £10-£100.

PR Samples. Quotes, Notes and Images via Gorilla Perfume.


31 thoughts on “Gotta Love That Gorilla – Gorilla Perfume Furze & The Voice of Reason Perfume Reviews

  1. They’ll have to think of a different name if they ever release Furze in the German-speaking world! (It means farts, probably the worst name for a perfume ever, closely followed by Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist. Mist means garbage. 😀 )

  2. Gorse bushes are EVERYWHERE in the highlands, where I grew up, and the bright yellow flowers really do smell of coconut.It’s very strange when yoget that tropical smell, walking in the Scottish hills! Or when you play ‘running through the jaggy bushes’, like we did in primary school, which is equivalent to ‘sprinting over thistles’ as a pointless pissing contest.

    I tried this perfume a few months back as I’d been looking for a nice coconut scent and am a pushover for reminders of the old country. I remember finding it intriguing but it was a bit too much for me as the SA had really slathered my arm. I really admire Gorilla perfumes and would like to explore them more, but I can’t stand the aggressively ‘friendly’ style of Lush customer service. Maybe if I take a decoy person with me, to distract them, I’ll actually be able to smell something in peace! And this does make me want to try Furze again 🙂

    • You know, I’ve never visited Scotland and have always wanted to, your comment makes me want to go anymore. It sounds like you had quite a childhood!

      They’re a bit too ‘happy’ in Lush stores aren’t they? 😛

      • Yes! I don’t know if the poor things are on commission but you can smell the desperation even over the sledgehammer odour of their products. I don’t know want to sound too disparaging as I totally agree with you about their weird and wonderful perfumes, but it actively puts me off actually going in there and buying any.

        And you should totally come up to Scotland, it’s great here 🙂 If you’re ever in Glasgow, drop me a tweet and we’ll find some gorse bushes to run through 😀

  3. Ooooh! The Voice Of Reason! I love it! But it is very weird, yes.
    First there is that bbq sauce smell, which I’m not too fond of, but then it changes into this luxurious smell, quite like the vapors of a glass of real good single malt whiskey. Smoky, peaty, heavy and boozy, just plain delicious. That being said, like you, I wouldn’t want to wear it, I don’t think I’d like to smell of whiskey all day. But I do love to sniff it continuously!

  4. We Americans thank you for the review, Thomas! You’ve just made me that much more excited to try Voice of Reason- I know I’m going to love it! The one thing that I wonder about is why are these so much more expensive than the rest of the Gorilla Perfumes?

    • You Americans are welcome Ari!

      There is a marked difference in price with this collection. The price also varies between each scent, for example Furze is cheaper than The Voice of Reason. I imagine it is to do with the ingredients.

  5. Wonderful, well-written review- thanks! I also didn’t care for The Voice of Reason, but now I feel the need to revisit Furze.

  6. I got a bottle of Furze as well! It smells soo yummy and the sillage is great too (heard someone across the room saying “Where’s that yummy vanilla-nutty smell coming from?”. So.Worth.It. :D!)

  7. These may not be for me but I will try the Voice of Reason as it sounds so intriguing. I love an imaginative note list! Got to happy with those small sizes too.

  8. My favourite from the volume two collection is Sikkim Girls. A lovely intoxicating exotic floral with lots of frangipani, which really comes through on my skin. You def need to try these perfumes on skin as I find they smell quite different and a bit harsh on card.

  9. Really like the post! I love the older (black bottles) Lush perfume , particularly Ladyboy and Vanillary. I sometimes mix them together because I find each a bit overwhelming for daytime on their own.

    I’ve not got my head around any of the new ones yet but I’ll give it a go! Any particular recommendations?

    • Jackett!!

      I’m a huge Ladyboy fan so I’m very glad to hear that you are too.

      Out of the new ones, other than those mentioned here, I really like Hellstone and Sikkim Girls. Also, Lord of Goathorn is worth a sniff just for its plain fishy weirdness.

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