Telling Stories – 4160 Tuesdays Urara’s Tokyo Cafe & Sunshine and Pancakes Perfume Review

4160 Tuesdays
4160 Tuesdays – Telling Olfactory Stories

When spending a significant portion of one’s time reviewing new launches from both mainstream and ‘niche’ (a word that seems to mean less and less nowadays) houses, it’s not too difficult to find oneself craving something entirely new – perfumes that, unlike many, quietly assert themselves as genuinely fresh and interesting. Is it too much to ask for a breath of fresh every now and then?

4160 Tuesdays is a brand that feels different and approaches things from an entirely new angle. With a touch of British eccentricity, each of the 4160 Tuesdays perfumes tells a story – a series of olfactory novellas if you will – and believe me when I say that these are stories well worth listening to.

Created by writer, perfumer and ex-Lush employee (where she worked as head writer for 14 years) Sarah McCartney, the 4160 Tuesdays’ ethos is simple: “If we live to until we’re 80, we have 4160 Tuesdays. That’s all. Let’s not waste them“. Let’s spend that time making and appreciating the most beautiful things we can.

Two of the most enjoyable stories told by 4160 Tuesdays are Urara’s Tokyo Cafe (a scent made for a charity event held at the aforementioned cafe) and Sunshine and Pancakes (“the ideal 1970s British holiday at the seaside”). So, if you’re all sitting comfortably I shall begin to tell you about two captivating stories…

Urara's Tokyo Cafe
Urara’s Tokyo Cafe

“Raspberry jam scones in a garden full of spring blossom kind of scent”

The Notes

Tangerine, Grapefruit, Rose, Geranium, Violet, Raspberry Leaf Absolute, Opoponax and Tolu Balsam

How Does it Smell?

If you asked me to sum up the story of Urara’s Tokyo Cafe in a snappy sentence I would say it was ‘the tale of a bubbly and delightful girl who was a good friend to everyone she met’. Right from the outset it is fruity, fuzzy and jammy with a touch of candy evoking the spirit of a character with an undeniable sense of fun and style.

A heart of delicate rose and raspberry jam, played out against a soft benzoin gauze provides the main theme and its one that is incredibly compelling. Its completely seamless and as Urara’s Tokyo Cafe really settles on the skin it hums a wonderfully catchy tune of roses and violets for the longest time.

The great thing about Urara’s Tokyo Cafe is that, whilst it feels cutesy and fancy free it doesn’t come across as immature or childish. In fact, its possession of deep, resinous notes in the base creates an almost wise quality. This character may appear in a fizz of perfume and a darling pink dress but there is remarkable wisdom lurking beneath the surface, hiding just behind her big blue eyes.

Sunshine and Pancakes
Sunshine and Pancakes

“It’s the ideal 1970s British holiday at the seaside, captured in a scent.”

The Notes

Citrus, Jasmine, Honey, Vanilla Absolute and Cedar Wood

How Does it Smell?

It’s hard not to love a perfume with such a wonderful name as ‘Sunshine and Pancakes‘, after all both components of said name are wholly enjoyable, therefore dear readers, you will be pleased to know that this perfume is as entirely wonderful as its incredibly befitting moniker.

Opening with a big squirt of lemon juice – exactly the kind that you would pour onto a nice stack of pancakes. The citrus up top has an intelligent luminescent to it that evokes the image of sports of crystal white light refracting off the ocean.

There is warmth too and whilst I wouldn’t say that Sunshine and Pancakes is a photorealistic olfactory portrait of delicious gourmand treats, it certainly has a pillowy edibleness to it, especially within the heart, where honey provides sweetness in the form of a light dusting of brown sugar.

Jasmine plays a key part and its greener facets act as a bridge between the citrus and warmer notes of vanilla and honey, as well as providing a measured element of sharpness that creates balance. The astringent quality is played up as things progress and it really gives a kick to the whole thing, making it so much more than just sunlight and sweet treats.

In the base Sunshine and Pancakes closes its story with a citrus and honey tinged does of vanilla. Earthy notes and something akin to the smell of grass create a nice contrast to the brighter notes but all-in-all Sunshine & Pancakes is an utterly joyful composition that, along with Urara’s Tokyo Cafe, cements 4160 Tuesdays as a brand simply not to be missed.


Urara’s Tokyo Cafe & Sunshine and Pancakes are available in 30ml (£40), 50ml (£53.50) and 100ml (£80) Eau de Parfum.

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