Sweet Summer – Gourmand Scents to Devour as the Mercury Rises

Sweet Summer
Sweet Summer

This summer could easily be divided into two for me, with one side being my craze for cologne (and the industry’s for that matter), a fairly standard staple of the summer months, with the other being devoted to something a little bit less obvious – the gourmand. That’s right, just when one thinks it’s entirely inappropriate to rock the sugary, the delicious and the edible, the world of perfume brings forth some interesting olfactory treats that are extremely palatable as the mercury rises.

As the opposite of my Eau de Cologne Edit from a while back, consider this my ‘Gourmand Scents for Summer Edit’, albeit with a much catchier name. Below the jump, you will find four fabulously delicious fragrances that are perfect for summer, whether that be due to their lighter approach to sugary treats, or their more drinkable nature. So, prepare to munch on meringues, party with pineapples, reminisce with raspberry jam and get mashed on mojitos, oh and get bored of my irresponsible use of alliteration too…

Angel Eau Sucrée // Meringues, Sorbet & Candy Floss
Angel Eau Sucrée // Meringues, Sorbet & Candy Floss Enjoyed Without Guilt

This is the one that started it all. The clever little gourmand spawned from the Queen of the Genre (Angel). A delicious Summer Princess that, instead of sticking with standard seasonal fare such as lemons and oranges, lightens the diva-behaviour of her mother with meringues, sorbet and candy floss. Yes, there’s lots of sugar here, but it is presented without guilt – never once is it gluttonous, nor is it sickly. The balance between the fresh, the sweet and the creamy is perfect, and Angel’s signature foundation of patchouli and vanilla holds strong amongst the glittering sugar crystals. Who is this delightful girl, you ask? She is Angel Eau Sucrée, my friends, and she is a stroke of genius.

Déliria // Pineapples Upside Down
Déliria // Pineapples Upside Down on a Rollercoaster

There was a time where I had written L’Artisan Parfumeur’s delightfully bonkers ‘Déliria‘ off as fascinating but unwearable. The metallic pineapple opening was simply a little bit too jarring for my tastes – interesting, but not particularly wearable. I was wrong, of course. A few weeks ago, on a particularly warm day, I spritzed some of this chaotic composition on, and the cool freshness of those metal pineapples was really refreshing. Also, the boozy rum note has a tropical feel that gives the impression of sun-soaked skin after a day at the fun fair. Déliria is pineapples upside down on a rollercoaster, and it’s wonderful (definitely still bonkers though).

Tokyo Spring Blossom // Sweet Summer Raspberry Jam
Tokyo Spring Blossom // Sweet Summer Raspberry Jam

Oh, Tokyo Spring Blossom (formerly Urara’s Tokyo Cafe), can I count the ways I love thee? No, because they are endless. This is my summer jam, literally, because it smells like a delicious preserve (raspberry to be specific). If you’ve ever wanted to lay underneath a cherry blossom tree eating jam sandwiches as your body is caressed by a warm summer breeze (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?), Tokyo Spring Blossom is as near to the real thing one can get without having to leave the house. This is the joy of summer in a bottle, with gorgeous fruity notes up top, rose and violets at the core and lots, and lots of raspberry jam. I dare you try it and not smile. If you do, and you don’t, you’re dead inside (sorry about it).

Virgin Island Water
Virgin Island Water // Endless Mojitos on the Beach

If you were to ask me what the best lime fragrance of all time is, I’d say Virgin Island Water without a moment’s hesitation. CREED is far from my favourite brand, but I cannot deny just how darn good this fragrance is. Virgin Island Water is a luxurious cocktail served on a beach of white sands with a sapphire sea view. It splashes forth with flesh lime pith, strips of ginger, delicious sugar cane and plenty of white rum. There’s also a touch of ylang-ylang to boot, giving it a contemporary ‘mixology’ vibe. If, like me, you can’t afford the private jet and the trip to the Virgin Islands (I married for love, not money, sigh), simply give this a spritz, close your eyes and daydream.

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