Smelly News: The Most Amazing Perfume Bottle Ever…

Le Parfum du 68

Le Parfum du 68

Guerlain sure know how to make a pretty bottle don’t they? They are, after all the people who brought us iconic housings for fragrances such as Shalimar, Insolence and La Petite Robe Noire. This one, created to celebrate the grand re-opening of their newly renovated boutique at no. 68 on the Champs-Élysées is most certainly befitting of one of the city’s most famous and wonderfully fragrant addresses.

Housing ‘Le Parfum du 68‘, a tweaked version of the brand’s respectable Cologne du 68 from 2006, the classic Baccarat ‘turtle’ bottle is adorned with a gilded Parisian scene created by Ateliers Gohard. Unfortunately only 30 bottles will be produced and one dreads to even think how much it would cost, still it’s rather lovely to dream, isn’t it?

Le Parfum du 68 Eau de Parfum

Le Parfum du 68 Eau de Parfum

Fortunately however, when one allows oneself to remember that it is in fact all about the juice, not the bottle, there will be the option of a more affordable EDP exclusively available at Maison Guerlain and housed within a decidedly less fancy bottle. The notes are; spices, everlasting flower, tonka bean, benzoin, incense and leather.

What’s your favourite Guerlain bottle? 

Images and info via Monsieur Guerlain. If you don’t follow his blog, you really should!


21 thoughts on “Smelly News: The Most Amazing Perfume Bottle Ever…

  1. Baccarat Bow-tie, Dawamesk. Also the drama bottle for L’Abeille de Guerlain of which I do not own any of the 47 limited edition bottles produced. Liu Black would be the most fantastic find though.

  2. That turtle bottle is very pretty but the Vol de Nuit propeller bottle hasn’t been beaten for me. I love everything about it. The art deco styling is .

  3. Part of me loves the Vol de Nuit bottle, for the same reasons Tara does. But the kookier side of me loves the Mahora bottle 🙂

  4. OMG. That very well might be the best bottle ever. Love the Paris scene. I’ve always liked the old classic bottles with the stoppers – Jicky, L’Heure Bleue, & Mitsouko. They do make a darn good bottle!

  5. I love their gold tone basket weave cages of the 1980s &90s. The modern fete ones are nice but don’t seem so lavish.
    I quite like the solid cylinder of the current 68. So simple but feels lovely to spritz.
    The pretty caged bee bottles of the Aqua Allegoria rang are another fave and how can you go past the awardd winning majesty of Shalimar, the urn?
    Portia xx

  6. I am fond of the goutte bottle with the conch shell stopper and the newsprint etiquette dauphin label. I also have some badly turned Chamade juice in an amphora rose bottle – love the bottle so not complaining.
    I do believe I could be VERY fond of this turtle bottle – what a surprising design!

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  8. This new bottle is the goddamn most to say the least! My favourites are Vol de Nuit, Chamade, Shalimar, oh everything! I have a limited edition blue baccarat crystal ml Shalimar that still gives me joy. is that sad, should I adopt a kitten instead! 😉

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