Perfume Pic of the Week No. 18: Pretty in Pink

Perfume Pic of the Week No.18: Pretty in Pink
Perfume Pic of the Week No.18: Pretty in Pink

This week’s Perfume Pic of the Week is a double-whammy of the colour pink. As you may tell from the slight overuse of varying shades of the colour on this website, pink is one of my favourite colours and to me, evokes feelings of joy. After all, some of the best things in life are pink, such as; roses, macarons and Womanity, just to name a few. So this week I’m celebrating a duo of fuchsia fancies that bring brightness in a rather lovely composite image.

Peonies are the first subject of this mini ode to the colour pink, and what a beautiful topic they are. Nigel and I adore fresh flowers and the number of filled vases in our house definitely outweighs the space found in a one bedroom apartment. This weekend we picked up some beautiful, pink peonies (wonderfully ‘snapped’ by Nigel in the picture above) that are grabbing our attention with their huge, showy buds and softly sweet/spicy odour.

I like the note of peony in perfume too, especially in Penhaligon’s rather marvellous Peoneve. What Peoneve does quite remarkably, is capture the sharp, peppery, spicy and rosy facets of the flower to create a perfume that presents the image of peonies in the ground with the petals and stems all present and correct, and surrounded by soft soil. Both the flowers and the perfume speak of a self-assured beauty that is both casual and striking.

Also in pink this week is Jo Malone’s limited Edition Silk Blossom Candle. Now I haven’t tried the candle but I do have a sample of the accompanying Cologne (a fruity floral based on the Silk Blossom flower) that I will be reviewing in the coming weeks. No, the reason I include the candle here is because that for every one sold, Jo Malone will be donating the full sale price (£42) to charity gardens that they have helped build and maintain across the UK and in New York, for those in vulnerable or deprived situations. I think that’s pretty neat.

Below is some more info on Jo Malone’s gardens:

“Our Gardens So Far…

– Old English Garden, London, with UK charity Thrive. Opened 2012. Works with adults living with mental ill health and physical disabilities.

– Gil Hodges Community Garden NYC, working with Bette Midlers Charity the New York Restoration Project. Opened 2013. Working within a highly disadvantaged community.

– The Kirkdale Community Garden, Liverpool. Due to open 1st July. Working with the UK community charity Rotunda. We are working with Rotunda to create the first ever garden in Kirkdale Estate (which is in the top 1% of national poverty and one of the poorest communities in Europe).

– Redhall Walled Garden, Edinburgh with the Scottish Association for Mental Health. Due to open 1st July. Working with adults who are suffering with depression, addiction problems and mental ill health.  1 in 4 of us will suffer from mental health issues every year (SAMH)

– Putting Down Roots with St Mungos Broadway Homeless Charity. We will be opening a garden in Bristol next June 2015. Teaching vulnerable homeless people horticultural skills and creating a community.”

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Image 1 via myself and Info re Jo Malone gardens via Press Release.