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@FragrantReviews – Fragrance Reviews in 140 Characters or Less

Four years ago today, my good friend, Nick Gilbert and I embarked on an exciting perfume project with a view of turning the world of fragrance reviewing on its head. We set out to use the medium of Twitter to create entertaining and bitesize reviews in 140 characters or less – the result was @FragrantReviews – our smelly baby that launched both of our writing careers.

Writing these reviews is surprisingly challenging. It’s tough to dissect and truly represent a fragrance in such a small medium, but it’s also immense fun and I think I wouldn’t be speaking out of turn if I said that both Nick and I really enjoy putting these fragrant tweets together. They can be funny, they can be poetic and they can occasionally be mean, but one thing they never are is boring.

We’re now at over 3,000 followers, and to celebrate our fourth birthday, I’d like to share with you ten of my favourite Fragrant Reviews – five from Nick and five from me. They range from the olfactory time capsule of Eau de Toast to the utter hideousness of Viktor & Rolf’s BonBon and capture some of our big loves and a number of our, well, not-so-big loves. I hope you enjoy this brief retrospective and will have a go at chiming in with your own 140 character reviews in the comments box.

Click here to check out Nick’s favourites.

From Nick

Eau de Toast
Eau de Toast takes Nick way back…
Aqua Universalis
Nick finds Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Aqua Universalis to be ‘resplendent’ (I agree, FYI)…
Island Nightmare
It’s fair to say that Nick wasn’t so impressed with Britney Spears’ Island Fantasy…
Orlando by Jardins d’Ecrivians seems to hit the right spot…
Fire From Heaven
Even in 140 characters, Nick’s writing is beautifully evocative…

From Me

Eros gets a less than positive review from me…
Penhaligon’s Tralala reminds me of a booze-fuelled dip into the dressing up box…
Giorgio Beverly Hills
I am impressed by the sheer power of Giorgio Beverly Hills
Karl Lagerfeld for Him
Karl Lagerfeld for Him fails to impress…
Viktor & Rolf’s Bonbon impresses even less…

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