New Escentual Post: Zombies! Ghouls! Ghosts!

Happy Fragrant Halloween!
Happy Fragrant Halloween!

T’was the night before Halloween, when all thro’ the house, nothing was stirring, not even a maniacal serial killer with a insatiable thirst for blood. That’s how the song goes, right?! Halloween seems to be getting bigger every year and whilst the shops may be stocking up for Christmas already, they’re also struggling for space with all of the Halloween schtuff that’s occupying the shelves.

In celebration of All Hallows’ Eve, I’ve put together a guide of ghoulish, witchy and zombie-riffic fragrances that will make perfect fragrant companions to any costume this Halloween. In the guide you’ll find scents that are evocative of evil clowns and convey the smells of wet dog. It’s an interesting guide for sure… Click here to head on over to Escentual for a nosey.

Image via Escentual. I write for Escentual as their Fragrance Expert, my views are my own. This post originated at The Candy Perfume Boy. If you are reading it on any other site it has been ‘scraped’ and the site does not have permission to post it.