Tactile Tuberose – Robbie Honey Tuberose Scented Candle Review

Robbie Honey White Floral Candles
Robbie Honey White Floral Candles

Regular visitors may know that I have somewhat of a predilection for white florals. Actually, that’s an understatement, and I should correct myself by saying that, in truth, I blinking love anything that sends forth a hefty wind of white floral loveliness. My favourite fragrances are classics like Robert Piguet’s Fracas (a vampish tuberose) and Cartier’s La Panthère (a feline gardenia), and a thousand others. I’m an addict with no intention of curbing my lust for hot white petals anytime soon.

So, imagine my glee when I heard that a line of white floral-inspired scented candles just launched. The line comes from “one of London’s most foremost florists [and] Floral Creative”, Robbie Honey, who is launching his lifestyle brand with four candles (each with a 60hr burn time) inspired by white flowers, specifically; ‘Muguet des Bois’, ‘Jasmine’, ‘Casa Blanca’ and ‘Tuberose’. Of course I was immediately drawn to the heady, intoxicating signature of the Tuberose (I just can’t help myself) which, as you will see, lives up to the resplendent nature of its floral muse.

“In a garden filled with night-blooming that I first became hypnotized by their intoxicating fragrance. Cut after nightfall, their creamy petals exude an intense perfume; softened with sandalwood and amber.”

– Robbie Honey

Tuberose by Robbie Honey
Tuberose by Robbie Honey

How Does it Smell?

Robbie Honey’s Tuberose candle follows the Fracas school of thinking. Its a lush and sensual tuberose filled with all of the important qualities of a good fragrance made from such a narcotic material. It’s sweet, in a bubblegum sort of way, but it also has a buttery undercurrent that feels distinctly animalic in a very human manner There’s also a small hint of fresh greenery which keeps the sweeter, and slightly more dirty facets in check. The fragrance is creamy and cuddly, with a lovely sandalwood finish that gives the whole thing a lovely soft texture.

But what about the throw? After all, when it comes to scented candles, it’s not just the smell that is important, it’s how far that smell travels in the air and how strong it is, that’s also critical. I would say that, strength-wise, this particular candle is quieter than average. It doesn’t overpower, which is good when it comes to tuberose, but I’d also say that it isn’t always the most noticeable. This does mean that you may not smell it all the time when you’re sat with the candle however, you do get a lovely wave of white floral fragrance as you walk in and out of the room.

One thing I really like about the candle is how stylish it is. Simplicity is the key here, and whilst the scent is rich and complex, the presentation is utterly refined. The coated glass is soft and tactile with a smooth, rubbery finish, and the neutral grey pallet allows the simple white text of the word ‘Tuberose’ to really stand out. This is the kind of candle that would blend into any room, with any decor, which is reason enough to fill each room in your house with a different Robbie Honey white floral candle. Now that’s an idea I could really get behind…


Robbie Honey candles are available from robbiehoney.com for £42.

Image 1, sample, notes and quotes via Robbie Honey. Image 2 is my own.