New Escentual Post: Cartier La Panthère Perfume Review

New from Cartier - 'La Panthère'

New from Cartier – ‘La Panthère’

It would be fair to say that I’m not a massive fan of Cartier’s perfumes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike them by any means but none of the ones that I have tried have blown me away or sent me reaching for my wallet. Enter Cartier’s latest feminine fragrance ‘La Panthère‘ – a perfume that has been created as a feline and feral take on gardenia that pays homage to the brand’s mascot.

Whilst La Panthère is a bit too modern and clean to be classified as an animalic in a way that would be pleasing to perfume lovers, I must admit that I really enjoy its more abstract take on the gardenia flower and it calls to mind the bright sunlight of fragrances such as Elie Saab Le Parfum and Amyris Femme. To read my full review of Cartier’s latest scent, please click here to head on over to

Image via Escentual. I write for Escentual as their Fragrance Expert. I am affiliated with the brand, however my views are my own.


15 thoughts on “New Escentual Post: Cartier La Panthère Perfume Review

  1. I think Cartier did a great job with La Panthere. They managed to create a scent that is both mainstream but certainly not dull. I was ready to dismiss this completely but after reading Victoria’s review on Boi de Jasmin I went out to try it. I liked it enough to pick up a small bottle. And what a gorgeous bottle it is! Love the stylistic panther head.

  2. Oh wow, that flacon is indeed spectacular ! – Unfortunately the ‘fume itself doesn’t sound much like my kinda thing, BUT I’m certainly contemplating purchasing one of those beauts just for that bottle alone – it’s just GORJUSSS !!! 🙂

      • Nuttin’ wrong with ‘velvety & pretty’ 🙂 – just a pity that with such a stellar name & flacon it’s doesn’t have a little more ‘grrrowl’ to go with it’s ‘purr’.

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