Share a #Smellfie for National Fragrance Day


This coming Monday (21 March 2016) is National Fragrance Day – a day set aside for us to observe and appreciate the worlds of fragrance and smell. So how can you celebrate this smelly day? Well, one way is to join The Perfume Society in sharing a ‘Smellfie’ on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Second question, what’s a ‘Smellfie’? Well, I’m glad you asked! A ‘Smellfie’ is a selfie with a bottle of perfume thrown in for good measure. The scent you choose to take a selfie with can be your favourite or simply the fragrance you have chosen to wear on the day – the choice is yours.

All you need to do is post your Smellfie on Monday 21 March using the hashtag #Smellfie and tagging The Perfume Society (@Perfume_Society on Twitter and @theperfumesociety on Instagram). What’s more, once they’ve nosed through the selection of Smellfies, The Perfume Society will be picking their five top pictures, with each winning a signed copy of Jo Fairley & Lorna McKay’s The Perfume Bible!

Let’s see if we can flood social media with some wonderfully fragrance postings!

Image via The Perfume Society.