Snuggle Scent – Aquãlis Origin Perfume Review


I think I may have said it before but I’m going through a rose thing at the moment – this moment being the last two years, in fact. I’ve always appreciated rose, but over the last few years I’ve amassed a collection of rose fragrances ranging from the beautiful simplicity of Acqua di Parma’s Rosa Nobile to the gourmand delicacy of Elie Saab’s Essence Nº1, and all that’s in between. So it’s not too difficult to convince me to sample and fall in love with something chock full of rose. Enter Origin by Aqualis.

Origin is one of four fragrances from new niche brand Aquãlis (the others being Coda, Utopia and Freedom). The brand is the brainchild of Steyn Grobler, a South African native who has spent his career working in the luxury realm, with brands such as Boadicea the Victorious to name just one. For his own fragrance brand, Grobler has created the ‘Evolution’ range which, through olfaction, expresses significant moments in his life. Origin, the stand out in the collection, pays homage to his half-Namibian origin and is described as a “galactic explosion of matter”. Sounds intriguing, huh?


The Notes

Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Turkish Rose Absolute, French Vanilla Bourbon, Patchouli Heart, Papyrus Oil and Namibian Myrrh.

How Does it Smell?

Origin is a fragrance of three elements; rose, vanilla and smoke. Initially the rose is tart and juicy, as if it has been squeezed like raspberries in the hand. The smoke, which has the dry, leathery feel of cypriol, giving the impression of dry grey embers wafting up from the base. In time the rose shakes off much of its juiciness and takes on a plush, velvety texture, almost like rose water that has been thickened. But what’s the thickening agent in this composition, I hear you ask? Well, that would be the vanilla! Origin has a gorgeously floral vanilla note that is waxy and rubbery, like fleshy white flower petals.

Origin is what I like to call a satisfying fragrance to wear. It delivers a scent with texture, contrast and warmth, all in a big, snuggly bundle. I’d say that it was relatively linear and in terms of bringing something new and exciting to the world of perfumery, I’d have to admit that it falls short. That said, not everything needs to be new or unique, and what Origin lacks in innovation, it makes up for in wearability. If, like me, you’re into rose and fancy something supper cuddly this winter, then Origin should be high up on your wish list. Just like we say in episode four of Fume Chat, Origin is “cosy but rosy”!


Origin is available in 50ml Eau de Parfum for £145.

Sample, notes and quotes via Aqualis. Images are my own.