New Escentual Post: Luxury Fragrance Gift Guide

Luxury Fragrance Gifts for Scent Addicts
Luxury Fragrance Gifts for Scent Addicts

This year more than any other, the Christmas season really feels like it has snuck up on us. At this present moment in time I haven’t purchased a single gift! Shocking, I know! Luckily I’m a bit more organised on the gift guide front than I am with my own present purchasing. This Christmas I will be brining you two gift guides, the first of which is featured as my Escentual column this week. In my column, I take a look at some luxurious fragrance gifts, including limited edition perfumes, bath products and smelly things for the home. This is a guide for the scent-addicts in your lives and those that adore luxury that doesn’t necessarily break the bank! Click here to give it a read and stay tuned for my ‘Beautiful Things for Christmas Gift Guide’ coming up on TCPB next week.

Image via Escentual. I write for Escentual as their Fragrance Expert. My views are my own.