Christmas Crush: Notte di Stelle Holiday Candle by Acqua di Parma

Christmas Crush is where I celebrate the scented things that would make lovely gifts for the festive period!

Yes, that’s right, I’m doing it. I’m dropping the C Bomb. Yup. I know it’s only early November and it has literally just been Halloween, but still, I’m a do it. Here we go. *deep breath*. “Christmas”. OK. There we go. Done. Let’s start…

I love a scented candle. Honestly, there is no better way to create an atmosphere and a vibe in your home than a fragranced candle. Well, that’s not exactly true, you could always start a tiff with your nearest and dearest, but that’s not exactly the atmosphere we’re talking about here…. Scented candles are like set dressing for your home – they let you choose the mood, whether that be fresh and clean, warm and cosy, or fruity and flirty. Not only that, but they’re often a decorative object too, making them the must-have accessory for any room. I love them.

So with all that in mind, it’s no surprise that I’m Christmas Crushing on a scented candle! The theme with Notte di Stelle from Acqua di Parma is most definitely festive. This is the scent you want burning in your living room on Christmas Day and on a year when it’s looking less and less likely that we will be able to share the festive period with those outside our households, it makes for the perfect indulgence to add extra sparkle to the proceedings. Let’s dive in and explore why Notte di Stelle is my first Christmas Crush of 2020.

First, let’s talk look, because we all know that a candle has to look good as well as smell good. Acqua di Parma have us covered here and they’ve collaborated with Chinese artist Oamul, who has illustrated the brand’s signature yellow hatbox with a whimsical Christmas design. The design features traditional Christmas lights made modern with hanging bottle ornaments that are, you guessed it, based on the the signature Acqua di Parma flacon! The candle itself looks just like the others in the Acqua di Parma home collection, which is fine by me, because that yellow glass is *chef’s kiss*.

Now for the most important part: the scent. How does it actually smell? Well, Acqua di Parma promises pine, spices and woods from Notte di Stelle, and they certainly deliver. I always worry a little about pine-scented fragrances and candles, after all pine can be reminiscent of those tacky little trees one hangs in their car to scent them (not in my car thank you very much) but in Notte di Stelle the impression is of candied pine trees. That’s right, these are Christmas trees dusted with a little bit of sugar, a little bit of spice and a whole lot of sparkle. Both the cold throw (the amount of scent you can smell when the candle isn’t lit) and the hot throw (when the candle is lit) are radiant but not overwhelming. It’s lovely and as far from removed car magic trees as you can get. Well done, AdP!

Now, the key question is who would this make a good gift for? Well, I think anyone who loves a scented candle would be very happy with this, as would any Acqua di Parma fans – it feels pretty universal. But truly, the best person to gift this to is yourself. Christmas is a time to indulge and I say why not treat yourself and give your home that extra jush this festive season. You deserve it!


The Notte di Stelle Holiday Candle is available for £60/220g. There’s also a diffuser!


Images are my own. Sample (full size product) gifted by the brand for review. I was not paid to feature the product and the brand had no say in the content.