The Candy Perfume Boy’s Guide to Tuberose


I have always wanted to ensure that The Candy Perfume Boy is a diverse blog that not only features perfume reviews but also showcases interesting articles and pieces on different aspects of perfume/fragrance. One of the things I’ve wanted to do for a while is a series of guides to particular perfume notes and genres, including information on the fragrant facets of the note/genre as well as a list of ‘reference perfumes’ that showcase the note/genre in different and interesting ways.

I’m a tuberose freak, so it makes sense that I start with one of my favourite notes. Why do I love tuberose? Well, as you probably know, I’m a bit of a ‘Fragrant Magpie’, in the sense that I am attracted to those perfumes that are shiny, loud and showy and tuberose is most definitely shiny, loud and showy!


Tuberose is a night-blooming white flower, which despite the name, has absolutely no relation to rose whatsoever. The name actually comes from its swollen, tuberous roots. Tuberose has been used in for perfume for many years but it is also used as wedding and funeral flowers in some cultures.

On a side note, Tuberose is a flower that I’ve always wanted to grow, but it is really difficult to find in garden centres over here and a lot of places haven’t even heard of it, which is a shame because I need me some of those pretty white flowers on my balcony!

The Smell

Tuberose is a complex smell that can be described as; lush, green, cool, almost camphorous and also buttery, rubbery, exotic, sweet, tropical and like white hot flesh.

Smell Me!“Smell Me”

Reference Tuberose Fragrances

These are the fragrances that anyone exploring tuberose should smell, they are, in my opinion, the best of the bunch as it were, but of course everyone has their own opinions.

The Diva Tuberose
Fracas by Robert Piguet

As far as tuberose fragrances go, none are as chic and outrageously audacious and infamous as Fracas. To be a diva you have to have real character and presence, qualities that Fracas is not short of. Fracas showcases the white hot fleshy facets of tuberose and mixes them with a warm, buttery base. Touches of green leaves and civet compliment the hyper-tuberose notes.

Fracas is the reason why a lot of people dislike tuberose, it is LOUD with a capital L, but it is also the reason why so many people love the note. Madonna is reported to be a big fan (she loves all things tuberose and you can see her basting herself with a bottle in her documentary ‘I’m Going to Tell You a Secret’) which is a fact that just boosts Fracas’ diva status.

The Freaky Tuberose
Tuberéuse Criminelle by Serge Lutens

Tuberéuse Criminelle is an oddball, it seems to emphasise the white hot fleshy parts of tuberose as well as the cool menthol parts. You can read about Tuberéuse Criminelle’s menthol top notes time and time again but nothing, and I really mean NOTHING, can prepare you for smelling them. My initial thought when spraying TC for the very first time was “Well, I wasn’t expecting that?!”, and I really wasn’t.

TC starts with a a blast of ice cold camphor (think mothballs and you’re on the right track) and hot, fleshy tuberose, this pairing is astoundingly beautiful and whilst it may seem scary at first TC settles to a softer, almost earthy tuberose that is wonderful in absolutely in every way.

The Ditzy Tuberose
Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture

No I don’t have a pink velvet tracksuit with ‘princess’ etched in rhinestones on the rear and yes I am being serious including a Juicy Couture fragrance as a reference tuberose. The eponymous fragrance from Juicy Couture is a good entry-level tuberose, it has enough of the note to be recognisable but at the same time it is not so entirely tuberose-centric that it becomes terrifying (an accolade that could be awarded to the two perfumes above).

Juicy Couture isn’t your typical fruity floral, it uses notes of vanilla and crème brûlée to emphasise the sweetness of the tuberose and fresh, fruity and floral notes to stop it from becoming too sickly or cloying. Juicy Couture is ditzy and fun but at the same time it is a well made tuberose that fits most occasions.

The Photorealistic Tuberose
Beyond Love by Kilian

I have to admit that Beyond Love is not my favourite tuberose fragrance but that doesn’t stop me from respecting it any less. Beyond Love is the most natural smelling tuberose fragrance I have encountered, and for that reason it earns its status as ‘The Photorealistic One’.

Beyond Love smells like green plant stems and fleshy white flowers, on my skin it stays very cool and green and it doesn’t really change drastically during it’s lifespan. I find Beyond Love perhaps a little bit too cold and austere for my tastes (I’m a Fracas kind-of-guy after all) but if you’re looking for something that smells like the ‘real thing’ then Beyond Love is the one you want.

The Euphoric Tuberose
Carnal Flower by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle 

Ahh, Carnal Flower, you are perhaps the most euphorically beautiful fragrance ever created. You take the exotic, tropical nature of tuberose and add notes of peppery green stems, eucalyptus, juicy fruit gum (JUICY FRUIT GUM!!!) and round it all off with beautiful coconut, orange blossom, ylang ylang and white musk.

Carnal Flower has to be smelled to be believed, it really is spellbinding and whilst I wouldn’t say it is particularly carnal (it is far too beautiful to be described as such) it does have rather a lot of oomph and that tropical tuberose/ylang ylang/coconut/white musk base is TO DIE FOR.

The Casual Tuberose
Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia by Estée Lauder 

I thought carefully about including Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia as a reference tuberose because, strictly speaking, it is weighted more towards the gardenia in the title than the tuberose. Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia demonstrates how tuberose can be used effectively as supporting act rather than being the star (I reckon the perfumer had a hard time convincing tuberose to take a bit of a back seat, she’s not used to it you see).

The gardenia in PCTG is suitably cheesy and mushroomy, which is exactly the way it should be. The tuberose comes through just as the gardenia takes her curtain call, and in PCTG it is sheer yet indolic and it sits within a base of bourbon vanilla, a smell which is just so wonderful you wish it lasted forever.

The Masculine Tuberose *
A Travers le Miroir by Thierry Mugler

What happens when you combine two of my favourite perfumey things; Tuberose and Thierry Mugler? Magic, that’s what!

A Travers le Miroir is an unusual and dramatic take on tuberose, and it is decidedly less floral than the others mentioned in this guide. ATLM takes an oily, slightly camphorous note of tuberose and supports it with darker notes of wintergreen, absinthe and cedar wood. The effect here is of an anisic tuberose laid over dark woods, it feels slightly alien and out of place amongst other tuberose fragrances and that’s why I have included it here, it really is something quite different. It is that rare thing – a masculine tuberose.

The Radiant Tuberose **
Tubéreuse by Mona di Orio

Tubéreuse by Mona di Orio is a fresh take on tuberose that highlights the green, peppery nature of the flower rather than its hot, fleshiness. This tuberose isn’t just about the narcotic queen of the night, it also focuses on a strong jasmine note which adds a green spiciness. The whole thing is rounded off with a soft, fuzzy base full of creamy white flowers, benzoin and musk. A truly glorious perfume that should be tried by those who think they hate tuberose, this one might just convince them otherwise.

The Labyrinthine Tuberose ****
Nuit de Tubéreuse by L’Artisan Parfumeur

Nuit de Tubéreuse is the tricky tuberose, the one that took me a LONG time to appreciate. It isn’t really a tuberose in the same way that Fracas, Carnal Flower and Tubéreuse Criminelle are, it’s more of a floral that just so happens to have a decent amount of tuberose within it.

This ‘tuberose’ is evocative of the stifling heat of a Parisian night; the pleasure, the discomfort and the danger. It has a wonderfully discordant opening with the heady blend of narcotic flowers, sulphurous mango and prickly pink pepper. As it develops a beautiful incense effect and dry, Duchaufour-style woods appear to tame those devilish white flowers.

Nuit de Tubéreuse is as complex as it is beautiful. It may not be the easiest to love but given time and attention it will take hold of you, and it will be worth the effort!

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All descriptions of perfumes in this guide are based on samples or bottles from my own private collection.

* changed from ‘The Dramatic One’ on 04 November 2011 because the new title sums it up more perfectly.
** added to the guide on 10 December 2011.
*** all reference Tuberoses names changed to ‘The xxx Tuberose rather than ‘The xxx One’ on 04 January 2012
**** added to the guide on 29 February 2012.


86 thoughts on “The Candy Perfume Boy’s Guide to Tuberose

  1. I’m a huge tuberose fan! So of course I loved your post. 🙂
    I don’t think I tried A Travers le Miroir but I do believe there is a sample somewhere in the crowd on my desk. 🙂 And I need to get myself Fracas (I only have half a sample).
    I have one to add – The Cheeky one, Vamp a NY.

    Ok, so I could also add, The Dangerous one – Tubereuse 3 L’Animale by Histoires de Parfums, and The Loving one, Tubereuse by MdO. 🙂
    I think I should stop now. 😀

  2. I love Fracas! But let’s be honest, this post is severely lacking pics of you wearing “a pink velvet tracksuit with ‘princess’ etched in rhinestones on the rear”!!

  3. I like this series already!
    I think it is time for me to try Fracas now, I have made a lot of headway into tuberose territory, but the Diva is still a bit intimidating.
    My favorite tuberoses are Mona di Orio’s Tubereuse and Carnal Flower.

    I’d love a post on gardenia, since you ask. You are the white floral authority after all. 😉

    • Prepare yourself for Fracas! In moderation she can be absolutely beautiful, she definitely isn’t one for over application.

      I haven’t managed to try Mona di Orio’s Tubereuse, the tester had run out, it must be very popular indeed!

      I shall start putting together a gardenia post, just for you! 😀

  4. Did you say “wintergreen, absinthe and cedar wood” and “anisic tuberose laid over dark woods, it feels slightly alien and out of place”? WHY do I not have A Travers le Miroir???
    I really need to open my mind to Mugler!

    It’s funny, just over a year ago I didn’t think liked tuberose at all. When I look at my collection now, I have a lot of tube frags! One of my all time favorites is Dior Poison, an old love from my early teens that still gets my heart thumping today. It’s true love – and I have you to thank for our reunion. The sample you sent me has given me much joy!

  5. Tuberose is not an easy note. My reference tuberoses are:
    Tubereuse Criminelle: only a personal experience with this one can describe the original beauty and pureness of its cacophony.
    Fracas: pungenat green leathery tuberose
    Parfums DelRae Amoureuse: the opposite of Fracas, ethereal, green, delicious

  6. The Eccentric One: Nuit de Tubereuse, the only tuberose I’ve found to love so far!

    Natural Bishes: Cepes & Tuberose, and Plume Perfume’s Vanilla Tuberose. That natural tuberose absolute is weirdly wonderful 🙂

  7. Brilliant post, what a treat. When I first started out I hated most white flowers because they were too fleshy smelling for me. Mona Di Orio Tubereuse first one that got me going because it’s not too over the top. Love the descriptions above, have smelled them all and recognise what you say. I am about to buy Narcotic Venus by Nasomatto – a pretty strong tuberose, but not headache inducing. It does have a kind of weird hypnotic effect on me that I love!
    I have grown tuberose bulbs before, they aren’t too hard if you are a gardener (keep moist, but don’t overwater) They are tender, so keep them on your sunny balcony or greenhouse and protect from frost.

    • Thanks Lila!

      I went to try Mona di Orio’s Tubereuse at Les Senteurs but their tester had run out, which is a shame! I’ve heard very good things about it though.

      I also haven’t tried Venus, but after a little research it does seem like a nice tuberose, I will have to look out for it.

      Thanks so much for the link and tips on growing tuberose bulbs, I will most definitely get some 😀

  8. The only one of those mentioned that I’ve tried is Carnal Flower and I was totally blown away by it. It was intoxicating and exhilarating. I felt like I was wearing three different fragrances at once. Then I looked it up online and realized the price. OUCH! I do hope to have a full bottle of this beauty one day! I must try Fracas!

  9. Great post! Tuberose is my favorite flower, though I love very few tuberose perfumes..Actually two – tubereuse criminelle and carnal flower. I loves cepes and tuberose too but I don’t smell an obvious tuberose note in it..
    I haven’t been able to love Beyond Love either. It smells like tuberose without the magic..

  10. I can’t say that I’m a tuberose lover, so far I have a bit of difficulty with all tropical flowers. JC though is a pretty one and easy to wear (not succumbed to a FB yet). Fracas is… magnificent but also instant migraine! I’m more of a Bandit girl myself! Never tried Carnal Flower or Tuberose Criminelle but I’ll plan to in future, they really sound interesting even if I might not be able to wear them.

  11. I have an uneasy relationship with tuberose – I am not sure I can wear Carnal Flower (so just rehomed most of my stocks with B!), but I do admire it. Tuberose Gardenia I love and wear and it is quite “me” – the two facets are nicely balanced, though on my friend the tuberose is way bigger. Fracas is too big boots though I keep a sample for reference. Giorgio Beverly Hills could be called a “throwback tuberose”. And Caroline Herrera Original is a big tuberose number from memory, that is also knocking on now. Oh I have another category – “Do Son” by Diptyque – “Diaphanous tuberose” : – )

    • Diaphanous is the perfect word to describe Do Son, which is a very pretty tuberose but a little light for my tastes 😛

      Is it bad that I’ve never tried Giorgio Beverly Hills? I’m pretty sure that’s tuberose heresy right there, I shall have to rectify that this weekend.

      • Giorgio is not for the faint hearted, as I recall. Take back up – St John’s Ambulance as a minimum, I’d say. It may work better when wearing shoulder pads.

        Do Son could also be called “Freshly Vacated Shower Cubicle Tuberose”, a term I sometimes use to describe Issy Miyake (without the tuberose bit).

      • I get what you mean by the ‘Freshly Vacated Shower Cubicle’, I get the same vibe with Infusion d’Homme and J Lo Glow.

        I will ensure that St John’s are on standby for when I try Giorgio.

  12. I’m not really into Tuberose. I have Fracas, and I like it, all big and sexy and white, but it’s so Marilyn Monroe and most of the tie I feel more Lauren Bacall. I like my bottle of EL Tuberose Gardenia better, but you’re right, probably because it’s mostly gardenia.

    I did not like Vamp A NY. To me it smelled like a teenage girl chewing bubblegum and smoking menthol cigarettes and she’s gotten into her mother’s Fracas.

    • Fracas is very Marilyn Monroe, I agree. Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia is still tuberose but it’s much less intrusive than others, I guess it would be the next step after the entry-level tube; Juicy Couture.

      I’m going to be trying Vamp A NY soon so I will be able to report back on that one, but I love your description!

  13. A quick comment before I get back to that other thing I’m supposed to be doing, which also entails banging away at a keyboard…;-)

    I love, worship and adore tuberose, and I could have sworn that would have been impossible even two years ago, but there you have it! My gateway drug was Estée Lauder’s Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia, which pays attention to both the gardenia as well as the wintergreen aspect of tuberose, and it is quite simply…beautiful.

    Next came the hardcore terror that is Tubereuse Criminelle, and I’ll have to agree with you – nothing at all can prepare you for it. I hated it, in fact, for that mentholated mothball+gasoline opening. It took five persistent tries before the epiphany occurred, and geez Louise, such a one and such a wonder!

    Parfums Delrae Amoureuse is a green, green, green tuberose marvel. The way that it evolves from that lovely verdant opening into a tuberose that b-l-o-o-m-s in slow motion is just…astonishing.

    Fracas…ah! To think I lived for so many years quaking in terror at the thought of ever wearing it! What really happened – I finally grew up enough to carry it off! Now, I never want to live without it!

    I’d have to say…the original Chloë is a definite tuberose monster, nearly as loud as Giorgio, and NOTHING ON EARTH…there, I’ve warned you!…is as loud as Giorgio. Giorgio is tuberose with the amp cranked up to about 1500 dB. Painful tuberose! Evil, eeeeeevviiiiiiillll tuberose!

    There are some who say they don’t get tuberose at all out of Aftelier’s Cepes and Tuberose, but I do…quite clearly. I love that the tuberose has been tamed by the strange addition of cepes absolute…grounding it and making it earthy, spicy, complex and richly decadent.

    L’Artisan’s Tubereuse failed to impress me much, but all three versions of Histoires des Parfums certainly did – and you should definitely add them to your tuberose-to-try list. I can imagine that Tubereuse 3 – Animale would be right up your alley! 😀

    Haven’t tried the Beyond Love yet, and I have an entire Liaisons Dangereuses kit waiting for me to explore.

    Vamp à NY didn’t work for me, and neither did Carnal Flower after a while…it was the coconut that killed me…

    More florals for your list? Well, in the White Flowers department…there’s jasmine, orange blossom, white rose, lily-of-the-valley….;-)

    OK. I’ll shut up! 😉 Back to writing that Other Thing…XO

    • I love the sound of a tuberose that blooms in slow motion, I’m going to have to give Amuoreuse a try.

      I agree that TC takes a little time, it takes a while to get over the fact that it is so bizarre. Lutens and Sheldrake had some serious balls to unleash TC on the world.

      I shall try and do a guide for most floral notes in due course 😀

      • I am fascinated by these different accounts of Amoureuse and hope you do try it and report back. It is also photorealistic in its way – like High Definition TV for tuberose et al, but on me the civet was phenomenal – beyond anything my newfound tolerance could cope with, plus it was kind of honeyed and spicy and sticky – the perfume equivalent of a venus fly trap wouldn’t be overstating it! It gave me a banging headache I am sorry to report but is without question a tour de force. Debut is more my thing though even that packs an indolic punch! ; – )

  14. I like this type of perfumes anthology by note (and I have a similar category – Single Note Exploration) so I enjoyed reading this post even though I’m a tuberose hater: I do not like it not only in perfumes but as a flower as well. I tried five of the perfumes you mentioned. I think that Carnal Flower and Beyond Love are great perfumes and I keep trying them from time to time in hope to learn to love them – but no luck so far.

    One note I definitely do not plan to explore myself but would love to read somebody else’s compilation is agarwood.

    • I shall make sure I’ll check out your ‘Single Note Exploration’. Tuberose seems to be one of those notes that you either love or hate.

      Agarwood, hmm, now that’s quite the challenge! I shall see if I’m up to it!

  15. I WANT TO GET YOU A JUICY TRACKSUIT NOW! Your bum would be so cute in one.

    Had I written this, I definitely would have included Aftelier Cepes et Tuberose and Nasomatto Narcotic Venus, but I would have never have thought to include the first Juicy! I need to rethink my favorite tuberose fragrances now.

    A confession or two: I cannot stand Fracas or Carnal Flower. Fracas scared me once as a child and again as a teenager, and I gag at the smell the way most women and men gag at the smell of Angel. As for Carnal Flower, it is too sweet and hyper feminine on me and I just can’t do it. My skin emphasizes every sweet note in the scent and then cranks up the volume =(

    • Can I have the Juicy Tracksuit in bubblegum pink please?

      There seems to be a lot of love for Cepes et Tuberose, I should probably try it but I have to admit that I struggle with natural perfumes.

      I love Fracas but I can totally see why you hate it, do you think it’s because of the ‘butteriness’?

      Your skin cranks up the volume of Carnal Flower? Is it even possible for it to be any louder than it is?!

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  17. FUN! I love tuberose, myself, and it’s been fun to see scent friends recommended by scent-ed friends…

    Carnal Flower is truly amazing. Beyond amazing, actually, right into stunningly beautiful, glad-I’m-alive territory.

    Vamp a NY is definitely the Cheeky one. I love her sass; strangely, though, only in summer, when it is permissible to be a little trashy without shame.

    Original Karl Lagerfeld Chloe is gorgeous. I wore it for a decade in my teens, and it’s now too bound up with high school memories to wear comfortably, but it is still big ol’ white flowers atop a mossy, woody base, a wonderful concoction.

    Still don’t like Poison – the cherry cough syrup killlllllls me. Fracas has so much orange blossom in it that sometimes it overwhelms the tuberose for me, and I do not love it. HATED Tubereuse Criminelle, because the week I tried it, I had been cleaning out the fridge and found a package of raw chicken that had hidden itself behind a cantaloupe and gone rotten (I am an indifferent housewife. So sue me) – and right there in the top of TC, behind the menthol/camphor wind, was that rotten meat smell. It ruined the rest of TC for me, even that lovely cold tuberose that rose up out of the butcher shop.

    Another lovely cold tuberose is Il Profumo Eclair de Tubereuse, a little tough to get hold of but very nice.

    I didn’t love Nuit de Tubereuse either – I like it, I think it’s interesting, but it was too much mango and woody incense, not enough tuberose for me.

    Really enjoying this… can’t wait to see your take on other floral notes.

    • Thanks for stopping by!

      I love your description of Carnal Flower, it really is a work of art and I treat every drop in my bottle like gold dust!

      A very kind reader is sending me a sample of Vamp a NY so I am looking forward to experiencing her sass and my motto is that it’s always OK to be trashy 😛

      There seems to be a lot of love for the original Chloe, and it seems quite easy to get hold of online so I’ll probably look out for a good deal!

      Thanks for your comments 😀

  18. Belle Route by Sarah Horowitz Parfums Artisan Collection! This little-known gem combines tuberose with fig and an ozone-y musk in the base. The description on the site ( says it was inspired by the scent of a tuberose soap. This is an apt description because it does make one think of soap or a really wonderful shampoo (think that other white floral classic Diorissimo). But if you’re down with that, it’s lovely. Lovely!

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  20. I love all of these! EL PC Tuberose Gardenia is absolutely my favourite but on me, not casual at all! Fracas is tough for me to wear however, and my husband thinks it smells like cheese. Yes, that’s right, cheese. My older daughter wears Juicy Couture and it smells so wonderful on her, like a sugary sweet bouquet of heady flowers. Keiko Mecheri Tuberose is a dead ringer for SL Tubereuse Criminelle but I am just not a fan of Mentholatum with my flowers, although I appreciate the “art” behind it. Giorgio was my signature scent when it was released, and I still love it. I think it is still wearable, albeit lightly (LIGHTLY!) dabbed.

    • Fracas = cheese?! Now, I’ve never heard that one before, your husband has an interesting nose!

      Juicy Couture is the perfect tuberose for younger people, it’s almost like an ‘entry level’ tuberose that prepares you for the big guns.

      TC is one of my all time faves but I can see why you don’t like it, especially if you’re not a fan of menthol, it is slightly overpowering *understatement of the century*.

      I’ve never tried Georgio, but I have heard that it is a HUGE tuberose, and light dabbing seems to be the way to go.

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  22. All I have to say is – Fracas, Fracas, Fracas… 🙂
    So beautifully crafted, little masterpiece…as I smelled it, wanted to wear it imidiatelly, you said it well, so Diva scent. I never thought that I actually like tuberose until I have smelled Fracas! 😉


  23. Tuberose for people who don’t really like tuberose: Datura Blanche by Keiko Mecheri. Probably the opposite of everything CPB loves about tuberose (it’s quiet and powdery), but it works for me.

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  26. Beyond Love got me to appreciate the tuberose while Carnal Flower made me mad for it! Also, I no longer feel bad for having a large bottle of Juicy Couture on my dresser. I fell in love with this sweet scent when I was pregnant and I think that had something to do with it as I cannot wear it now. But I can’t ever get rid of my bottle because it was the prop my husband used to propose to me. Funny, I never thought of tuberose when I smelled it but now I can pick out the note. I love that I’m learning more and more with each scent I come across!

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  28. Oh. I am awash with Summer joys! You have named all my lady favourites. Fracas, Carnal Flower, Nuit de Tuberuese and that saucy bubblegum chewing madam, Juicy Couture! The one bête noire pour moi, however, the Estée Lauder! I was once at a party with some dear friends in Battersea and this rather PUSHY real estate agent cornered me by the cheesy dips chattering on the price of luxury flats. I was rather peckish and lingered longer than wisdom should permit to nibble olives. Bad idea! Left me with a head full property prices and I could not muster the energy to dance at all that evening! The EL was her eau! Eau dear! But I LOVE the rest of your choices! Marvellous review as ever Candy Boy. Thank you.

  29. Wow. I should have read this one earlier. I love tuberose as much as you do: Fracas and Carnal Flower especially. It’s good to see other tuberose fans; I think a lot of people are shy about wearing it.

  30. What a wonderful article! I haven’t tried tuberose yet, but I will. I’m in love with indolic, heady, orange blossom so I’m sure tuberose will follow suit. Can’t wait to try all the ones you mentioned especially Fracas, Carnal Flower and Tubereuse Criminelle.

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  33. my last name is Tuberosa! incredibly and i am looking for a perfume with just that…a strong Tuberose scent. i´ve read all the ones you´ve mentioned and i´m not sure i can find any of them here, in south america…i´m going to ask someone to get me one! which would be the freshest one? i tend to like perfumes with a fruity, flowery scent. Could you suggest one ?

    thank you!!

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  41. Aloha! Don’t know if you’re still around on this specific post but I am obsessed with Tuberose. I own Fracas (but it seems to wear off more quickly and doesn’t seem as sweet and rich as I remember in high school???) and recently got Central Park West- I like this but am still searching. It reminds me of Carolina Hererra, which I also wore in high school. I am debating (and maybe you can help with this) on Tubereuse Criminelle OR Maitre Parfumeur et Gauntier Tubereuse (which I LOVE and rarely see it mentioned!??). I just ordered samples of: Beyond Love (I’ve sampled it before but want to revisit), Rubj, Loretta, Tubereuse 3 Animale, and Mona di Orio. I can’t WAIT!!!

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