Death by Chocolate – Thierry Mugler Angel Le Goût du Parfum Perfume Review


“This may be death by chocolate but what a way to go…”

Thierry Mugler’s latest collection of limited editions ‘Le Goût du Parfum’ (The Taste of Fragrance) has proved to be one of the best collection of flankers ever released, Mugler has taken the signature of four of his perfumes (Angel, Alien, A*Men and Womanity) and has added a taste enhancer that either adds or amplifies a gourmand facet, this is where haute cuisine meets haute perfumery.

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Angel is Thierry Mugler’s flagship fragrance, she is already infamous for being the first gourmand oriental and one of the first perfumes to use a chocolate note. For Angel Le Goût du Parfum, Mugler has used a taste enhancer of pure cocoa powder (what else?) to emphasise the chocolate notes, the end result promises to be “more gourmand than gourmand” [1] – and it is!

Angel Le Goût du Parfum is a worthy addition to the Angel lineage and whilst it doesn’t replace the original, it does fill a particular void in my collection – a true chocolate fragrance.


The Notes

Top: Bergamot and Mandarin
Heart: Passion Fruit, Peach and Apricot
Base: Patchouli, Vanilla, Chocolate and Caramel [2]

Taste Enhancer: Pure Cocoa Powder

How Does it Smell?

The first spritz of Angel Le Goût du Parfum leads you to believe that nothing has changed, Angel’s signature opening of berries, white flowers and chocolate arrives in exactly the same way you expect it too. The difference comes about two or three minutes in when out of nowhere the chocolate becomes a hyper-chocolate, fuller, richer, more bitter and amazingly edible. Angel takes on the roll of a chocolate truffle rolled around in bitter chocolate powder.

The chocolate powder fades slightly into the background after a while, but it’s still there, and Angel continues to do what she does best – mix the masculine with the feminine. There are still some subtle differences in the heart, there seems to have been a degree of ‘fine tuning’ and Angel’s slightly rougher bits (which I don’t think are bad at all) have been softened and developed to work perfectly with the cocoa powder.

In the original Angel, patchouli dominates, but here there seems to be more of an equilibrium between the patchouli and the chocolate. I called this review ‘Death by Chocolate’ because this Angel is really chocolatey, and I mean REALLY chocolatey, so chocolatey in fact that you really do want to eat it. It seems obvious for Mugler to amplify the chocolate note in Angel, but it does make sense, the chocolate in the original was noticeable but it wasn’t the main player, here it is allowed to take over and bathes you in its warm, cocoa goodness. This may be ‘Death by Chocolate’ but what a way to go…

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Angel Le Goût du Parfum is available in 35ml non-refillable Eau de Parfum for £42.


This review is based on a bottle of Angel Le Goût du Parfum from my own personal collection.



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