Postcards From My Collection Part 2: Planet Mugler

Group Shot
The Other Half of the Collection

The Postcards From My Collection Series takes you on a voyage through the big pile of clutter that is my perfume collection. The aim is to familiarise you with the fragrances that are special and/or weird enough to take pride of place on my perfume shelf. Some have great sentimental value, others simply just smell awesome and whatever the reason for their residency in my collection, rest assured that they will satiate your need for some shameless perfume porn.

In the first instalment we took a look at those fragrances, both big and small, that were most precious to me. They were a varied bunch including über expensive extraits, paris exclusives and vintage finds that take ultimate pride of place in my collection, which is really an extensive rogues gallery of perfume.

This week we are taking a trip to Planet Mugler and before we take off I have a few safety announcements to get out of the way; 1) please ensure that your hands, feet and noses remain safely in the spacecraft at all times; 2) when we have safely landed on Planet Mugler please do not remove your helmets, the smell of the planet is so strong your head will explode with in seconds without the proper protection; and 3) if you are of a sensitive disposition you will either have to disembark the spaceship immediately or grow a pair because we’re about to take off…

The Angels (from L to R); Eau de Star, Angel Eau de Toilette, Angel Eau de Parfum, Pivoine Angle and Angel Le Goût du Parfum

Our first stop on Planet Mugler is a trip to the chocolate and patchouli filled abode of Angel because she would have a diva fit if she wasn’t first. Angel was Thierry Mugler’s debut fragrance way back in 1992 and she’ll tell you herself that to survive in this business unchallenged for 20 years means that you must be one bad ass bitch.

Eau de Star, the first incarnation of Angel that you can see in the above picture, is not a bad ass bitch. Back when I was much younger (20 by my reckoning) I would literally buy anything Mugler and as much as I thought I would end up loving the chocolate toothpaste sprinkled with earthy patchouli that is Eau de Star I never did. Still, the bottle is kind of cute!

Now my bottles of Angel Eau de Toilette and Angel Eau de Parfum certainly do receive the love they deserve. My bottle of Angel EDP has been especially well loved (look carefully and you’ll notice that it has seen better days) and I’ve had it ever since I fell for Angel many years ago thus proving that one of the greatest things about Mugler fragrances is that they inspire loyalty through the option to treasure the bottle and refill it at the source.

The other two Angels in my collection are both limited editions, one is the Peony Angel (sadly missing its cap) from the Jardins Etoiles (Garden of Stars) collection and the other is the Angel-rolled-in-bitter-chocolate-delicousness that is Angel Le Goût du Parfum. Mugler always has done good flankers and these two are up there with the best of them.

The Aliens (from L to R); Alien Eau de Parfum, Alien Liqueur de Parfum, Alien Le Goût du Parfum and Alien Essence Absolue

I’d be hard pressed to decide whether I prefer Angel or Alien but I know for sure that Alien, and its many offspring, get more time on my skin than Angel. There’s just something about that ridiculously over the top (almost obscene) jasmine and fuzzy cashmeran that makes me go all gooey eyed.

Alien Eau de Parfum is of course the original incarnation of this extra terrestrial being but I don’t think it’s the best because the DNA of Alien is ever evolving and with each rebirth it becomes stronger, more beautiful and one step closer to world domination. I really enjoyed Alien Liqueur de Parfum (a cherried, boozy Alien), loved Alien Le Goüt du Parfum (a gourmand Alien) and full on adore Alien Essence Absolute (divine vanilla-soaked Alien) with all my heart.

I wonder what I’ll think of the next Alien rebirth?

The Men
The Men (As and Bs) (from L to R); A*Men, A*Men Pure Coffee, A*Men Le Goüt du Parfum, A*Men Pure Malt, A*Men Pure Shot and B*Men

Don’t think there isn’t room for the male Muglers in my collection. All residents of Planet Mugler are welcome and whilst the Muglerian Men may not be quiet or perfectly behaved they are really quite handsome. Not that I’m shallow or anything…

The Mugler man comes in many guises, we have the classics A*Men and B*Men (far left and far right) as well as the many variations on the original theme. There’s the Starbuck’s loving A*Men Pure Coffee, chilli-chugging A*Men Le Goût du Parfum, whisky-swilling A*Men Pure Malt and the ever-so-healthy sportsman A*Men Pure Shot.

I enjoy each of these comic book heroes, especially the original, but my favourite has to be the A*Men Le Goût du Parfum, simply because it’s as weird as it is delicious. Chilli and chocolate is a pretty damn good combination in my book!

Oh the Womanity (from L to R); Womanity Eau de Parfum and Womanity Le Goût du Parfum

Womanity is as love-it-or-hate-it as they come. The scent, bottle and name each inspire opinions that fall in either positive or negative camps (in my case love, love, hate FYI). There is no middle ground when it comes to Womanity!

I’m a huge Womanity fan and I think it’s very much a slow burner. With time it will probably become one of the most well-respected fragrances available because let’s face it, there is nothing quite like it. The bizarre mix of milky figs, sea salt and bread is truly innovative and whilst the original Womanity Eau de Parfum is rather fab, the Le Goût du Parfum takes it to the next level of awesomeness with a more refined, smoothed-out version. Both have important places in my collection.

Cologne, Mugler Style (from L to R); Cologne 75ml and Cologne 100ml

Mugler’s Cologne is the absolute crowning glory of citrus green cologne-like scents. It has the perfect balance of citrus fruits and vetiver to make it smell classic but also has a metric ton of steamy musks to give it interest.

I adore it completely, hence why I own two bottles! I never want to run out! I’m also a big fan of the Cologne bath and body products, especially the shower gel which is my staple shower-time friend.

A Travers le Miroir
Thierry’s Tuberose; A Travers le Miroir

Last but not least on our planetary tour of the Mugler cosmos is Thierry’s Tuberose, or as it is more commonly know: A Travers le Miroir. Being part of Mugler’s more exclusive Miroir Miroir collection, A Travers le Miroir doesn’t quite receive the exposure that it deserves, which is a shame because it is a truly stunning perfume.

I find it to be a strangely masculine take on tuberose, which pairs nature’s most carnal flower with its most mind-altering alcoholic beverage – absinthe. As expected the result is a hot, rubbery and anisic cocktail of wonder that ensures that A Travers le Miroir is one of the most wonderful (and odd) fragrances in my collection.

Well that’s it for Planet Mugler. You will now be dropped off safely at your homes, but please do come back next week for Part 3 of the Postcards From My Collection Series, in which we will be focusing on L’Artisan Parfumeur, Penhaligon’s and some dude named Bertrand Duchaufour…


Images my own (apologies for the poor quality).