Perfume Pic of the Week No.12: Ombre Indigo by Olfactive Studio

Perfume Pic of the Week No.12: Ombre Indigo by Olfactive Studio
Perfume Pic of the Week No.12: Ombre Indigo by Olfactive Studio

A while back I reviewed the entire Olfactive Studio collection for my column at Escentual. All-in-all I found the concept of photography-inspired perfume to be well executed (the bottles look fab and the whole idea is refreshingly un-gimmicky) resulting in five intriguing and nicely crafted fragrances that most definitely get two thumbs up from me, especially the incredibly unique Autoportrait.

This September Olfactive Studio will be adding a sixth perfume to the collection – ‘Ombre Indigo‘. The brand have recently debuted the scent at Esxence, Italy’s art fragrance fair and the juice is coloured in such an awe-inspiring shade of blue that I simply had to share it as this week’s perfume pic of the week. Just look at that colour, isn’t it just every kind of awesome?

Photograph by Gustavo Pellizzon

Ombre Indigo is inspired by the shadow captured in a photograph by Gustavo Pellizzon, specifically the gradient shades of blue. As for the perfume itself, penned by perfumer Mylene Alran, Olfactive Studio describe it as being an “enigmatic and mysterious blend of woody notes and smoky resins (that) reveals luminous tuberose flowers hiding in the essence of the composition”. Well, if they didn’t have me at the colour of the juice (which they did) they certainly had me at “luminous tuberose flowers”!

It’s safe to say that this one has quickly shot up to the top of my ‘to sniff list’ and I will be patiently waiting to see what Olfactive Studio has done with this representation of tuberose and shadow. If their back catalogue is anything to go by one can expect something very interesting indeed and whatever the outcome, they have really proved that they know how to expertly nail the aesthetic side of perfume making.

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Images and quotes via Fragrantica.