New Escentual Post: DIOR Fahrenheit Le Parfum Perfume Review

Fahrenheit Le Parfum by DIOR

Fahrenheit Le Parfum by DIOR

DIOR seem to be in a phase of reinvention at the moment, having revamped a significant number of their classics. Over the last few years they have introduced a fair degree of flankers (reinterpretations) of some of their most iconic scents and for 2014 they have launched both Hypnotic Poison (see my review here) and Fahrenheit in richer and more intense concentrations.

Few masculine fragrances are more iconic than DIOR’s 1988 scent Fahrenheit and this new concentration – Fahrenheit Le Parfum – is a worthy purveyor of the name. For Le Parfum, the original’s blend of fresh greens and off-kilter tar has been expertly tinkered with by DIOR’s in-house perfumer Francois Demachy to create a more up-to-date and warmer version of Fahrenheit. Click here to head on over to Escentual and read my review.

Sample and image via Escentual. I write for as their Fragrance Expert and am therefore affiliated with them. My views however, are my own.


2 thoughts on “New Escentual Post: DIOR Fahrenheit Le Parfum Perfume Review

  1. Hi T’
    I’m hoping it retains a good fair amount of the original ‘Fahrenheit-DNA’, yes ?? (As in, if blind-folded could one instantly pick up : “Ah, Fahrenheit !”) – Or is it instead just another flanker, (regardless of how good it otherwise is), that’s just capitalising on it’s tried & tested name ??

    I’m really hoping it’s the former ! – For, as much as I actually really liked the previous (F.Absolute) I could hardly, except for a very fleeting very vague resemblance, smell the orignal’s ‘DNA’ in it.

    • Hi Jules. I would confidently say that it does. It’s one of those ‘does what it says on the tin’ jobbies, in the sense that it really is just a more intense (read: richer) version of the original.

      I agree that the Absolute, whilst fabulous (and it really as fabulous), wasn’t very Fahrenheit-esque. Snap up more bottles of the Absolute whilst you can though, it’s being discontinued.

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