Fume Chat Episode Three is Here!

Episode Three is Available Now!

Episode Three is Available Now!

Grab yourself a coffee, tea or any appropriately-hot beverage because your Sunday fragrance entertainment is here! Episode Three of Fume Chat, the perfumed podcast hosted by Nick Gilbert and me, is available to download. In this episode, Nick and I discuss the subject of niche perfumery. We try to find out where it started it and how’s it change, in addition to posing the key question: is niche really niche anymore? It’s a fun and insightful conversation that we hope you will enjoy.

You can find Episode Three on iTunes (click here) and Soundcloud (click here), but we don’t want you to just listen, we want you to get involved and get in touch too. Send us your thoughts on niche perfumery via our twitter account @fumechat and join the discussion! Also, if you have thoughts on things you’d like to sniff, discuss or battle, please get in touch via Twitter or alternatively, you can email us at fumechat at gmail dot com. We look forward to hearing from you!


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