Speed Sniff: Noir Aphrodisiaque By Killian

Noir Aphrodisiaque
Noir Aphrodisiaque

There are so many fragrance launches each year it’s difficult to write about them all. Speed Sniffs is a way to bring you quick and easy to digest reviews o fragrances in a paragraph or two. After all, sometimes all one needs is a few lines to capture the essence of a scent. Speed Sniffs are perfume reviews without all of the faff and tell you whether the subject is something you want to sniff or not. So hurry up and read, because we don’t have much time…

By Kilian like to do things to excess, whether that be creating decadent, cheeky fragrances or posing suggestively with pythons. Whatever the brand does they ensure that they never do it by halves and this is evidence within their vast collection of opulent perfumes. By Kilian creates traditionally French perfumes but in an entirely modern manner. Their latest Boutique Exclusive, the dark and seductive Noir Aphrodisiaque feels completely in tune with their distinct style – it’s excessive, sexy and lots of fun.

Noir Aphrodisiaque is not your typical chocolate scent. Where most gourmands go for sugar, syrup and stewed fruits, this one opts for something altogether more dry. In fact, the clever trick here is that it doesn’t feel particularly gourmand, boasting a dark chocolate note that is powdery and bitter, but also abstract with a real sense of greyness to it. The jasmine adds a slightly jammy warmth hidden amongst a weightless cloud of iris. There’s little to take away from the dark and dry qualities here – no citrus to brighten and no plushness to soften. It’s a curious essay on the subject of chocolate, that’s for sure.

My Verdict

Noir Aphrodisiaque certainly approaches the idea of chocolate from a different angle, eschewing sugar and creaminess for something darker and more transparent. It feels like a grey shadow hovering softly in the air. It’s not my favourite from By Kilian (hello Beyond Love) but it is unique (also: chocolate), so it gets a thumbs up from me.

Sniff this if…

…you’re a die-hard chocoholic and a lover of things a little bit darker. Take a walk on the wild side with this sensual take on chocolate and jasmine.


Noir Aphrodisiaque is available in 50ml Eau de Parfum for £245.


Sample via By Kilian. Images are my own.