Postcards From My Collection, Part 1: Precious Things, Big and Small

Group Shot
One Half of The Collection

The Postcards From My Collection Series (if it can be called a series) is where I get to showcase, through the medium of amateur, shoddily taken photographs, the residents of my perfume collection. I feel that I have got to a point now in my fumehead journey that I have built a solid collection that meets most (most) of my perfume needs. There is always room for expansion of course….

So, over the next few weeks we shall be delving into my collection and picking out my favourite pieces. Nigel is quite happy that I’m doing this because he is under the impression that I may do some tidying/dusting on the way. I don’t quite know how to break it to him that I may just avoid the tidying and that my interests lie purely with the perfume, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

This week’s edition looks at the most precious perfumes in my collection and includes my big bottles of treasured things and my little, tiny bottles of just-as-treasured-if-not-more things. They range from the über pricey long agonised buy to the much appreciated christmas present with a ton of sentimental value. Simply put: a varied, but wonderful bunch.

Big Things
Big Things (From L to R); Serge Lutens Tuberéuse Criminelle, Amouage Honour Woman and Alexander McQueen Kingdom Parfum

These three perfumes are my favourite big, full bottle perfumes and I love them all for different reasons. My bottle of Tuberéuse Criminelle was a Christmas gift from Nigel and has my initials inscribed on the back. It is my favourite bottle on a purely sentimental level. Oh and Tuberéuse Criminelle is probably my favourite tuberose, so yeah I kinda love it.

I can’t tell you just how much I was longing for a bottle of Amouage Honour Woman. Well actually I can: I REALLY wanted a bottle of Amouage Honour Woman. It had sat atop my wish list for an entire year before I bit the bullet and treated myself to a big 100ml bottle. Right now I’d go as far as saying that it is my favourite bottle in my entire collection, obviously that’s subject to change but I do know for sure that Honour Woman is my perfect white floral.

My first proper perfume, as in the one that “started it all” was Alexander McQueen’s Kingdom. When I first tried Kingdom I fell for it in an instant, and I fell for it hard. Before it was un-justly discontinued (I don’t care that it didn’t sell people), Kingdom was available in an Eau de Parfum and an ultra-expensive Pure Parfum version. I always wanted the Parfum, the bottle with its moving metal shutters is a pure work of art, so imagine my surprise when I came across it in a department store discounted from £115 to £15. I bought two bottles…

Little Things
Little Things (From L to R); Robert Piguet Fracas Parfum, Vintage Guerlain Vol de Nuit Parfum, Guerlain Shalimar Parfum, Vero Profumo Rubj Parfum and Schiaparelli Shocking Parfum

These lovely little things are only small in stature, not in concentration or value. Each one is a pure parfum incarnation of five of my favourite perfumes and I really do like to save them for special occasions. They are tiny little bottles of awesome-ness.

Fracas in Parfum is not entirely different from the Eau de Parfum, which I wear quite often due to its killer-tuberose-amazingness. What I love about the parfum though, is the fact that it is more intimate than the EDP and the balance is shifted from the loud tuberose to something softer, but more carnal with strong animalic (mainly civet) tones.

The two Guerlains, Vol de Nuit and Shalimar, are absolutely wonderful. I’m a firm believer that nearly all Guerlain’s are at their best in Parfum concentration. Don’t get me wrong, the Eau de Parfums are beautiful but the Parfums are something else entirely. If you love a Guerlain then you owe it to yourself to try it in its most concentrated form. Also, on a side note, is there anything more beautiful than Shalimar Parfum? I think not!

My bottle of Rubj Parfum was a gift from the lovely, and very talented Vero Kern. It really is one of the most beautiful bottles that I own. I love the shape, but what I adore most about it is that the disc with the perfume’s name on it is almost as big as the bottle itself. You’ve got to love that! Oh and the perfume? Well, it’s true love my friends, true love.

Last but not least is the holy-grail of vintage things (after Coty’s Chypre and a host of other things obviously), Shocking by Schiaparelli. I’m ever so glad to have come across it and it has quickly become my plush bedtime scent, not because it is naughty, but because it feels incredibly glam slipping into bed wearing something so outrageous.

Part 2

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we will be taking a trip to Planet Mugler…


Images my own (sorry for the quality).