Smelly News: Thierry Mugler Les Parfums de Cuir + The Making of Teaser Video

I am very pleased to be able to share with you a teaser video for Thierry Mugler’s latest collection; “Les Parfums de Cuir” (The Fragrances of Leather). Launching in October, the collection has been created to celebrate Thierry Mugler Parfums’ 20th birthday and contains four brand new leathery interpretations of Mugler’s classic fragrances; Angel, A*Men, Alien and Womanity.

“This innovative idea marries two know-hows of today and yesterday: Haute Perfumery and the traditional craft of glove makers and perfumers.”

To create Les Parfums de Cuir Thierry Mugler parfums a “tailor made […] natural leather” was added to four custom made vats containing each perfume allowing them to infuse & mature for four weeks and eventually, after the “leather-imbued extracts” were added to a solution, they became Les Parfums de cuir.

More details on the collection below the jump…

Angel, The Fragrances of Leather without background © Chic
Angel Les Parfums de Cuir

“From its fusion with natural leather over a four-week period, Angel borrows its most sensuous notes. The fragrance takes on “addictive” leather facets with iris accents, as well as delicious apricot facets. The initial eau de parfum becomes all the more enticing.”

Alien, The Fragrances of Leather without background © Chic
Alien, Les Parfums de Cuir

“On contact with leather for four weeks, Alien becomes all the more enveloping and captivating. The amber notes are magnified by a special leathery effect, close to suede. The eau de parfum takes on a leathery depth, rounded off by gourmand dry fruit accents, which amplifies Alien’s magnetism.”

Womanity, The Fragrances of Leather without background © Chic
Womanity, Les Parfums de Cuir

“For its Fragrance of Leather version, Womanity Eau de Parfum adopts a more sensual personality, more intense and faceted; after an extended immersion with “natural leather”, it discloses as subtle amber, leathery tone that echoes the labdanum notes already present in the composition”

A*Men, Pure Cuir without background © Chic
A*Men Pure Cuir (Pure Leather)

“After four weeks of maturation on contact with raw leather, A*Men develops a new leather dimension brought to life by animal hints. The highly dosed patchouli note becomes softer, more mysterious and more rounded.”

In a Thierry Mugler first Angel, Alien and Womanity have all been rehoused in a new, unique bottle designed to showcase the precious elixirs of Les Parfums de Cuir. Each fragrance comes stamped with the 20 years logo on the cap, adorned with a leather tag, and housed in a matching leather draw string pouch giving them a feeling of true luxury.

A*Men retains its famous flask bottle but this time it is rehoused in a faux-leather “rubber sheath” with a brown-tinted star, emphasising the masculinity of the fragrance and echoing the fragrances leather facets.

— — —

I have had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with Les Parfums de Cuir over the last couple of weeks so please do stay tuned for reviews of all four fragrances at the end of next week!


Video and quotes via press release.