Celestial Beacon – MUGLER Angel Perfumed Candle

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Celestial Beacon

Well here’s a rather wonderful treat for the card carrying members of the Muglerati out there: an Angel scented candle. Now, those of you who follow MUGLER will know that the brand has previously dabbled with the world of home fragrance, having launched some beautiful Angel candles previously in dinky star-shaped votives in addition to small Alien candles in purple tins as gifts with purchases. But never has MUGLER gone all out candle-wise, well, until now that is and it would be fair to say that they are now absolutely spoiling us with some wonderfully delectable treats to burn and scent one’s home.

Launching as a limited edition for 2016, the MUGLER Perfumed Candles are available scented with the brand’s two iconic feminines: Angel and Alien. What’s more, they are also available online at MUGLER scented with the Les Exceptions fragrances for a slightly higher price. These candles extend one’s MUGLER addiction into the home, allowing members of the Muglerati to truly commit to the cause by allowing their favourite MUGLER fragrance to permeate their boudoir as well as their body. MUGLER says that these Perfumed Candles will “prolong fragrant pleasures with a new perfume ritual” and guess what? I’m all for that in every way, shape and form!

“The Angel candle will transform your interior into a boudoir of delight: a whirlwind of delicious emotions, sensuality and glamour. Containing notes of vanilla, chocolate and caramel counterbalanced by the forceful woody scent of patchouli, the fragrance will envelop the home in a warming oriental gourmand scent.”


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Angel Captured in Wax

Right out of the box the Angel Perfumed Candle smells unmistakably like Angel. Interestingly, I’d say that the smell is more aligned with that of the body products than the fragrance itself, which is to say that the balance is more shifted to the fruity top notes and patchouli base. My fear with this particular candle was that, like Angel in Eau de Parfum, it would be entirely enveloping and too much. It’s one thing to want to bathe in a scent but to coat every inch of your house with it, perhaps isn’t quite as enjoyable. So, when one lights the wick of this Perfumed Candle, does one spark the fuse to an Angel bomb that destroys all in its path? A gourmand supernova that creates an olfactory black hole to end all things? Thankfully, no. The Angel Perfumed Candle fills the room with a noticeable but measured dose of Angel, wafting up with a delicate plumes of vanilla, chocolate, patchouli, dewberry and caramel. If Heaven had a candle of choice, I’m pretty sure this would be it.

In my mind, a good candle needs three elements; firstly, it needs to look appealing sitting in your home; secondly, it needs to smell good; and finally, it needs to have a decent enough throw to at least scent the room it sits in. MUGLER’s Angel Perfumed Candle hits the mark on all three. It looks super sleek in its simple, baby blue jar, smells wonderfully of Angel and has a decent, but non-oppressive throw that scents the entire room, and a little bit more. Consider me hooked and seeing as these are limited edition I’m probably going to have to start hoarding them. Oh and I need the Alien one too. Oh and at least the Oriental Express and Over the Musk ones from the Les Exceptions line. Thanks MUGLER for yet more wonderful products to fuel my unhealthy addiction to the brand.


MUGLER Perfumed Candles are available fragranced with either Angel or Alien for £39 (180g). They also offer six Perfumed Candles scented with each of the Les Exceptions fragrances for £49.

Sample and quotes via MUGLER. Images are my own.