New Escentual Post: The Terryific Oud Collection

Terryific Oud, Terryific Oud L’Eau & Terryific Oud Extreme

What happens when you mix the ex-Creative Director of Yves Saint Laurent and the ancient perfume ingredient oud? The answer is Terry de Gunzburg’s Terryific Oud Collection. Celebrating oud through spices, fruits, resins and flowers, all of which are very ‘red’ in nature, the Terryific Oud Collection offers up three takes on an accord in varying strengths and presentations. So which is the one you would go for? Would it be the spicy and fruity original, or perhaps the peppery and silky L’Eau, or maybe, just maybe you’d go for the Extreme and it’s blood-red rose. Click here to head on over to Escentual to read my review of the collection.