It’s Here: Fume Chat the Perfumed Podcast

Fume Chat - The Perfumed Podcast
Fume Chat – The Perfumed Podcast

On Monday I teased you all with the hint of a brand new project that Nick Gilbert and I had embarked upon. Well now, after six months of planning, I can reveal to you that the project in question is our very own perfumed podcast! That’s right, launching today is Episode One of ‘Fume Chat’, a fortnightly podcast dedicated to the world of fragrance and hosted by none other than Nick and myself.

Fume Chat aims to have fun with fragrance – after all, it’s just perfume, so why it take it so seriously? We’ll be sniffing exciting scents, both new and old, battling head-to-head to see who can pick the best fragrances, and discussing many topics related to the smelly aspects of this wonderful world. All you need to do is subscribe, download and listen, and you’ll be ready to receive your bi-weekly fix of Fume Chat.

Our first episode is a ‘hi there and hello’, in which Nick and I discuss our podcast mission, how we met and what sort of content you can look forward to if you subscribe. We also take a good old sniff of some our favourite new launches, casting our noses over the likes of BYREDO’S Heliotropia, Acqua di Parma’s Peonia NobileGalop d’Hermès and much more. It’s certainly a fun and fragrant episode!

So where can you find Fume Chat?

The answer to that is simple: in the iTunes store! Click here to find us on iTunes or, if you’re not an Apple user, you can find the Fume Chat RSS feed here. Now you know all of that, there’s absolutely no reason not to subscribe, download and listen to Fume Chat in all its glory.

When are new episodes published?

New episodes will be live every other Sunday. Our first episode is available now and episode two (our very first battle episode…) will be ready for you to download at 09:00 on Sunday 06 November 2016.

How do you get in contact with Fume Chat?

There are many ways to get in touch with us! You can find us on twitter as @fumechat or alternatively, you can also get in touch with us via email at We’re also on Facebook too!

We really hope that you enjoy the first episode of Fume Chat, not to mention the many new episodes to come. Don’t forget to share and tell all your friends! We want to get the word out to as many people as possible. Finally, we’re keen to hear your feedback! Once you’ve had a listen, let us know what you do and don’t like about Fume Chat. This is our first crack at podcasting so any feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!