Perfume Review: Infusion de Mimosa by Prada

Infusion de Mimosa by Prada
Infusion de Mimosa by Prada

If you read my Iris Deconstruction recently, you will already know that I have a ‘thing’ for Les Infusions de Prada. What’s more, if you’ve heard me waxing lyrical about one of my all time favourite scents over the last 18 months, the wonderful Mimosa & Cardamom by Jo Malone London, you’ll also be aware that mimosa is very much my jam right now. And if you didn’t know either of these things well, I’ve just told you so now consider yourself informed! With all of this in mind, it’s no surprise that it took little coercing for me to fall head over heels for Prada’s Infusion de Mimosa. In fact, all it took was one sniff…

If you’re not familiar with Les Infusions de Prada, then you’re in for treat. In essence, the collection explores the fantasy of single notes dissolved as infusions to create fragrances that fuse the modern with the classic and explore the diverse facets of their titular ingredient. Like all scented things ‘Prada’ the fragrances are composed by Perfumer Daniela Andrier and Mimosa is the latest note to get the ‘infusion’ treatment. Prada describe the scent as follows:

“It is the smell of the tree in full bloom, late in summer perhaps in the South of France. Powdery, floral, with a yellow-velvet softness that is almost tactile.”

– Prada

Prada's Sunniest Infusion
Prada’s Sunniest Infusion

The Notes

Anise, Mandarine, Mimosa and Rose

How Does it Smell?

In a characteristically Prada Infusion manner, Infusion de Mimosa opens up bubbly and fresh. For just a moment there’s a flash of the iconic Infusion d’Iris, the scent that birthed the collection, but it really is just a flicker of recognition. Quickly a warmth comes into play in the form of citrus and anise. Together, these two notes jostle for centre stage creating a spicy, zesty sort of contrast that has a cashmere-like feel to it, much in the same way that many of the Infusions do. So far so good…

The heart is mimosa, full mimosa, all day, everyday and it serves as a perfect reminder as to why this note is just so god darn lovely. There’s a distinct texture displayed here, first and foremost – it’s soft and almost paste-like, with a silky, velvet-esque touch. There are touches of pollen, of milk, of almond, honey, iris and violet, all spinning like a spectrum of mimosa blown by the lazy summer breeze.

Mimosa is the New Black
Mimosa is the New Black

In the base, Infusion de Mimosa lays back and relaxes, resting on its creamy warmth for the rest of its lifespan. It’s at this stage that Infusion de Mimosa goes from full sunshine to sun-kissed skin, giving the impression of a body bathed in sunlight for much of the day. It has a touch of the lactonic, sun lotion vibe to it, but that’s just a hint. There’s also some greenery in the base, maybe a hint (a mere hint) of something vetiver-esque that adds a little bit of saltiness to the milky marvel. Infusion de Mimosa is not a fragrance that presents a wild ride development-wise, but the simple smell of creamy mimosa blooms is so heavenly, why on Earth would you want it to change?

I’d say that Infusion de Mimosa smells exactly how one would expect it to smell, which is to say that it is a suitably fresh and airy take on the note of mimosa. What it is not however, is a watered-down or thin interpretation of this gloriously sunny note. In fact, Infusion de Mimosa has oodles of the creamy, velvet-like texture and the honeyed pollen vibrancy of mimosa. It really is beautiful and it’s further proof that, when it comes to perfume, Prada are one of the few brands that are managing to create high quality, innovative and stunning fragrances, all with distinct house style. Now, I’ll take an Infusion de Magnolia next please, Prada. Thank you.


Prada’s Infusion de Mimosa is available in 100ml Eau de Parfum for £94.


Sample, notes and quotes via Prada. Images are my own.