New Vlog: Six Scents for Summer 2017

It's Vlog Time Again!
It’s Vlog Time Again!

Wednesday is officially my vlogging day – yay!

That means that each Wednesday morning I’ll be bringing you a brand new fragrance-related video on my YouTube channel. Last week I debuted the channel with a video review of AURA by MUGLER (watch it here if you missed it), which has already clocked up nearly 1,000 views. Thanks so much all of the support. It was pretty daunting putting myself so out there and I’m really glad everyone has liked my vlogging efforts (that should be ‘effort’) so far.

For this week’s vlog I’m focussing on some rather lovely scents for summer. It’s been super hot here over the last couple of weeks and it’s really that time of year where we all push those heavy orientals and winter warmer scents to the back of the cupboard, and pull out those lighter more refreshing things. But one can still rock some pretty intriguing stuff in summer, not just your usual citruses and colognes, and if you’re stuck for scented inspiration this season – look no further!

In ‘Six Scents for Summer 2017’ I take a look at a collection of fragrances (six rather unsurprisingly) that are great for summer but are a little bit more than your average summer scents. They range from lovely essays on citrus and flowers, to quirky colognes, austere ouds and incense dreams. It’s a great selection that will get your summer scent wardrobe suitably ready. You can watch in the embedded video above!

Finally, don’t forget to leave a comment telling me what your favourite scents for summer are! Also, if there are any other themed vlogs you’d like me to do, then let me know!


Image is my own. Samples via Escentric Molecules, MUGLER, L’Artisan Parfumeur, D&G, Penhaligon’s and TOM FORD.