Christmas Crush: Sandalwood & Musk Christmas Candle by Miller Harris

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Instead of a Christmas gift guide this year, I’m switching out my regular Candy Crush posts for just as regular Christmas Crushes instead. In these posts over the coming weeks you’ll find some wonderfully scented gifts just in time for the holiday season, with products that I am crushing on. So get ready for some marvellous Christmas gift inspiration!

Are you ready for Christmas Crush round two?!

I’ve probably bored you all half to death with my lyrical waxings on my Miller Harris obsession, but please indulge me one last time. Over the last year or so this brand, which I probably would have ignored or even described as ‘wishy-washy’ 12 months ago, has done a massive about face, launching a veritable feast of beautiful high quality fragrances that do the one thing that all fragrances should: smell good. They have found a character and a personality that they lack were lackingebefore and do you know what? I’m here for it! Everything they are launching smells great – some of it’s unusual, but for the most part it’s all accessible, well-composed and gorgeous in every way. A round of applause for Miller Harris, please.

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Miller Harris is continuing their theme of doing things really very well and a little bit differently with their Christmas gift range. The brand has teamed up with artist Julie Verhoeven who has designed a range of gift boxes for this year’s Christmas selection. The illustrations on the boxes, which have clip-on bows and velvet bases are quirky and colourful, with a frenetic energy. But most importantly the gift boxes contain an envelope which holds two Christmas cracker hats. PARTY HATS!!!! OMG!!!! They are simply great fun and the crowning jewel in the Miller Harris Christmas collection is their limited edition Christmas Candle, scented with Sandalwood & Musk.

The smell! Oh the smell! I love a candle as you probably know and I also love woods right now, as you also probably know, so I’m totally here for this Sandalwood & Musk candle. Where many brands will be opting for notes of gingerbread, pine or cinnamon, Miller Harris does something a little bit different, offering to send forth a calm wave of nutty, creamy, wispy woods on a breeze of cottony musks. You wont sniff it and think ‘CHRISTMAS’ but you will feel warm, cosy and a little bit wistful too. It’s the perfect thing to scent your house all year round but it will feel extra special at Christmas. The burn time and throw are both impressive. I’d say it’s on the more subtle side – a scent that does not overwhelm but one that you will notice, especially as you re-enter a room.

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Miller Harris have pulled out all of the stops this Christmas with some beautiful gifts with quirky packaging and the Christmas Candle feels like the shining star atop their tree. It’s a great way to round off a year in which the brand really feels like it has hit its stride. So let’s celebrate the wonder of the new character-filled Miller Harris with spiffy Christmas hats and a wonderfully scented candle. It will be the perfect gift for anyone who loves their home to smell gorgeous.

Oh and did I mention that it comes with two Christmas cracker hats? I did? Good. Well, here’s some photographic evidence for you:

2017-11-12 01.23.19


The Miller Harris Christmas Candle is £45. It also comes with two Christmas cracker hats. Which is VERY important to note.


Sample and quotes via Miller Harris. Images are my own.