Candy Crush: DS&DURGA Auto Fragrance

Candy Crush is where I write about scent-related things that I’m currently obsessed with.

Candy Crush is back! Yeah I know, it’s been a while, but seeing as I am fully back in the swing of blogging, it’s time to revive the series. After all, my crushes never go away – they’re still there, whether I’m writing or not! If you’re new to the blog or Candy Crush, this series is where I share scented things or scent-related things that I’m enjoying – the things I’m crushing on right now. They range from home fragrance products to body products, marketing campaigns and much more. They are as varied as my mood!

This week I’m crushing on something I’ve never shared on the blog before: a car fragrance. You see, I treated myself to a new car last month. I went for an electric BMW and it is by far the best car I’ve ever owned (I am so smug, it’s awful). It looks great, is ridiculously fast and I can plug it in at home to charge. What’s not to love? Anyway, my crush is not my car (even though I do love it very much) it’s in fact something much more fragrant…

Whilst scrolling instagram recently I saw that hip Brooklyn-based niche house, DS&DURGA offer a line of car air freshners, or “Auto Fragrances” as they call them. Auto Fragrance definitely sounds fancier, tbh! So, what did I do? Well, I bought one, of course! I can’t resist a boujee-ass fragrance at the best of times and the opportunity to hang one in my new car was a little bit too much to resist….

The DS&DURGA Auto Fragrances work just like any other car air freshener. It is simply a card soaked in scent that you hang from your rear view mirror, but this is no green tree picked up at your local petrol station. No, this is something a little bit more niche! There’s five in the collection, each with a unique concept that aims to create a scented atmosphere inside your car. I went for Concrete After Lightning, mainly because it seemed the most appropriate for an electric car….. Anyway, with notes of “panicgrass, ozone, concrete and steam”, how did it smell?

Strong. That’s my first thought. Perhaps a little bit too strong, seeing as a car is an enclosed space. The scent itself is fresh and ozonic, with a powdery sweetness and an electric crackle. It certainly lives up to its name, boasting a refreshing, bracing aroma that feels clean and modern, with hints of minerals and something that evokes bright lights. I think I’m going to enjoy it more as it wears off a bit, because the first day or so was really quite pungent.

So the overall verdict is a thumbs up! I think the scent is novel and unique, and definitely unlike anything else I’ve had in my car before. The problem with many car fragrance is that they smell cheap and are obnoxiously loud (just to add insult to injury). The DS&DURGA Auto Fragrance certainly has the power, but the fragrance itself is high quality, conceptual and pleasing. I also like the subtle approach with the aesthetic of the object – what could have been over-engineered is simplistic and classic, which has quite an impact. So yes, it’s a crush.


DS&DURGA Auto Fragrances are available in five fragrances for £10 each. I got mine from Liberty.


Images are my own. Review based on a sample of DS&DURGA Auto Fragrance that I purchased myself.