Candy Crush: Acqua di Parma x Poltrona Frau Airound Car Diffuser

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I love my car. It’s a sleek red and black, electric BMW that goes like a rocket with a beautiful interior filled with supple, chocolate-coloured leather. I like to keep it nice and shiny, both inside and out, but most importantly, I like it to smell good. This will be a surprise to absolutely nobody, of course, and whilst I can’t deny that new car smell is a lovely thing, I do like to have a bit more of an elevated odour profile when I step in to my electric rocket. His name is Bruno, btw….

I’ve tried lots of different car scenting devices but haven’t really found any that fully satisfy me. Many smell gross, for a start (I’m looking at you Yankee Candles…..) and others just don’t last (I loved my DS & DURGA Auto Fragrance, but the wonderful scent didn’t last as long as I’d like in the end). Enter Acqua di Parma with their latest innovative launch – the Airound Car Diffuser created in collaboration with Poltrona Frau, the luxury Italian furniture makers. It’s a beautiful object, exquisitely made, that scents your car with the luxurious fragrances of Acqua di Parma. Bruno loves it.

So let’s talk detail. What is the diffuser? How does it work? Where do you put it? It’s all actually very simple and I think this is a credit to the craftsmanship of Acqua di Parma and Poltrona Frau. The diffuser itself is circular disc with a bit of a Pringle-shape (sorry, AdP, I love Pringles, so this is no bad thing!) that splits into two parts. The leather is hot-printed with the Acqua di Parma and Poltrona Frau logos. Inside there is space for a scented cartridge – all you do is pop the cartridge in and clip the diffuser shut, that’s it. There is a stalk that you can slot into the air vents of your car and the diffuser simply magnetises to the stalk. Getting it out of the box, popping the cartridge in, installing the diffuser in the car, and switching it to “on” takes approximately two minutes.

How does it work though? Well, that’s also very simple. The air from your car’s ventilation system circulates through the disk and starts to scent the cabin of your car. The air moves through the perfumed (polymer-based, alcohol-free and solvent-free) pearls within the cartridge and the scent is released. That’s it. What makes this such a beautiful and covetable product though, is the customisation. There are three colours of leather to choose from – yellow (yes, that iconic, gorgeous, Acqua di Parma yellow…), brown or grey – so you can decide whether you’ll have a discrete diffuser that blends in with the interior of your car or one that gives a pop of colour. You then choose your fragrance from a selection of nine, which includes iconic scents from the Acqua di Parma home fragrance collection (inspired by Italian moments) and Blu Mediterraneo collection (inspired by Italian destinations and materials).

I gave the Airound Car Diffuser a spin in the combination of yellow leather (I wanted a pop of colour) with the Luce di Colonia fragrance, which is an interpretation of their classic, flagship fragrance Colonia. To me, this is the iconic combination – that yellow is absolutely to die for and the fresh, sun-soaked citrus and breezy greenery of Colonia is such a pleasant odour, it works in any medium, context or place. So for me, there is no other choice – I want yellow and I want Luce di Colonia and I will not be taking questions at this time.

So how did it fair? Well, it’s been a tad warm here over the last few days (warm for England, anyway) and because my car is electric, I have the wonderful ability to set it to cool the cabin before I get in. When I tell you that there is no greater experience than getting in a cool, air-conditioned car scented softly with the sparkling citrus tones of Luce di Colonia on a warm day, I am not being hyperbolic. Every damn time I have smiled and exclaimed “ooooh, that’s nice”.

What I think works really well about Acqua di Parma’s Airound Car Diffuser is that it does not overpower. I can only speak for the Luce di Colonia scent (I’ve not tried the others) but at no point have I found the scent intrusive or obnoxious, which could easily happen in such a small space. It is a little pricy, yes (£95 for the diffuser, £40 for the scented cartridge) but as it’s refillable and such an effective method of scenting one’s car with a luxury fragrance, I don’t find the initial outlay unreasonable. It’s simply a beautifully-crafted object executed perfectly.

I think I’m going to treat myself to one. Yes, a yellow one in Luce di Colonia (of course).


The Acqua di Parma x Poltrona Frau Airound Car Diffuser is available for £135 (£95 for the diffuser; £40 for a cartridge) from Harrods or Acqua di Parma. The following scent options are available:

Luce di Colonia
La Casa Sul Lago
Oh, L’Amore
Apperitivo in Terrazza
Profumi dell’Orto
Aranci di Capria
Fico di Amalfi
Mirto di Panarea


Images are my own. Sample product provided by (and returned to) Acqua di Parma for testing/photography purposes. This is not a sponsored post.