Candy Crush: CHANEL FACTORY 5 Star Products

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You may have heard that Nº5 turns 100 this year and as expected, CHANEL has quite the celebration planned. But how do you honour the most famous perfume in the world hitting such a milestone? Let’s not forget that Nº5 is so famous that when people think ‘perfume’, they think Nº5. It’s a perfume that has graced the skin of our mothers, sisters, wives, grandmothers, friends and more, and for the last 100 years, Nº5 has been there, scenting some of our most important moments. So how the heck do you celebrate such a big birthday? Well, that is a very good question and one that I’m sure has been keeping a few people over at CHANEL awake over the last few years, but finally, we are starting to have an answer, and that answer is the CHANEL FACTORY 5 COLLECTION.

OK, so you’re now probably wondering what CHANEL FACTORY 5 is and I’m going to be honest with you, this post is going to be a bit of a tease for what’s to come, so I’m not going to tell you EVERYTHING today. Which just means that you’ll have to keep swinging by the blog over the coming weeks to get the full details…. But what I can tell you is that CHANEL FACTORY 5 is a very special collection of limited edition products that feature Nº5 as the central ingredient. Each of these products take the form of beautiful beauty products housed in packaging inspired by conventional household objects, as a return to the origins of the bottle design for Nº5.

But there will be more to come…

CHANEL FACTORY 5 symbolizes a return to the essence of the approach initiated by Gabrielle Chanel, her desire to break the codes and free herself from constraints. Through this concept,
CHANEL proposes a return to the first packaging of N°5, which was a simple laboratory bottle, a functional object that became luxurious and iconic. CHANEL FACTORY 5 celebrates the fact that
through the years, the idea of the first bottle is still present and accompanies N°5.


The collection is expansive, but as a teaser, CHANEL is announcing five of the star products today and I’m here to talk you through them, so let’s hop right to it. In a nod to pop art, CHANEL has taken everyday objects out of their intended context and redressed them in Nº5‘s livery, transforming them from the dull and functional to the desirable and luxurious. Each is filled with a body product scented with Nº5. As CHANEL says, this collection serves as a “reminder that Nº5 transforms the ordinary” but it’s also a reminder that Nº5, both as a perfume and as an object, is a massive part of the cultural zeitgeist, and has been for an entire century. CHANEL FACTORY 5 celebrates this iconic design with fun, conventional objects turned iconic in that signature Nº5 way.

I think it’s really fun and a fitting way to mark the centenary of the most famous (and important) fragrance in the world.

The five star products are:

The Bath Tablets, housed within a tea tin. Not for drinking, but definitely for soaking.

The Body Oil, housed within a burette. To keep all the important parts suitably oiled.

The Shower Gel, housed within a paint can. For when you want full coverage.

The Body Cream, housed within a paint tube. For layering onto the most beautiful canvas (your skin).

The Body Lotion, housed within a sauce sachet. The perfect ingredient in any recipe.

The full collection will be revealed soon and will be made available for purchase on 29 June. Until then, here are a few more images to tide you over (I am completely obsessed with the look of that shower gel in the paint can, FYI)…


Images via CHANEL. This is not a sponsored post.