Eat Me – Thierry Mugler Alien Le Goût du Parfum Perfume Review

Eat Me

“Pure Fumegasm”

I’ve said before that Thierry Mugler is one brand that always thinks intelligently about their flankers and their latest series of limited editions ‘Le Goût du Parfum’ is absolutely no exception to this rule. 

The concept behind Le Goût du Parfum (The Taste of Fragrance) is simple – take the already bold, and mostly gourmand structures of four Thierry Mugler scents (Angel, Alien, Womanity and A*Men) and add a ‘Taste Enhancer’ to each. Le Goût du Parfum creates “a genuine parallel between Haute Cuisine and Haute Parfumerie.” To achieve this parallel Mugler enlisted leading Michelin-starred chef Hélène Darroze to create an “entirely Muglerian Meal” based on these four new limited editions.


Le Gout du Parfum

The specials on today’s menu are…


Taste Enhancer: Pure Cocoa Powder

Recipe: Sautéed Duck Breast in a Pink Praline Crust, Beets, Turnips and Raspberries, Beet and Citrus Sauce. Intense Mole Sauce


Taste Enhancer: Salted Butter Caramel

Recipe: Tonka Bean Ice Cream, “Clafoutis” Cookie, Half-Candied Pink Grapefruit. Salted Butter Caramel


Taste Enhancer: Fig Chutney

Recipe: Sea Bream Tartare, Hazelnuts and Grapefruit Zest, Cocoa Bean Mousseline, Caviar de France. Fig Chutney Juice


Taste Enhancer: Red Chilli

Recipe: Sautéed John Dory Filets, Celeriac Puree/Cinnamon/Nutmeg, Cranberries, Oil Infused with Tahitian Vanilla Strong Coffee Sauce. Piquillo and Espellette Pepper Condiment.

They all sound absolutely fantastic but there was one out of the four that I absolutely had to try and that was Alien. I chose Alien for a number of reasons; firstly it is the only one that doesn’t already have a gourmand facet and I was intrigued by what Mugler would do with it, secondly I ADORE salted butter caramel, thirdly Mugler has already done an excellent job with another Alien flanker – Alien Liqueur de Parfum and finally, out of all of the Muglers, Alien is the one that I find the most consistently wearable.

Alien Meal

The Alien Course – Tonka Bean Ice Cream, “Clafoutis” Cookie, Half-Candied Pink Grapefruit. Salted Butter Caramel


The Notes

Top: Sambac Jasmine
Middle: Cashmeran and Solar Notes
Heart: White Amber [1]

Taste Enhancer: Salted Butter Caramel

How Does it Smell?

“The impression of living for the moment, when sugar and salt crystallize with the heat of the fire.
With the power of these images, the nose and mouth anticipate a sophisticated harmony of flavors, far off the beaten track of daily cooking”

Are you familiar with the term ‘Foodgasm’? A foodgasm is the feeling you get when you eat something really spectacular, your taste buds rush, your eyes roll back in ecstasy, your pulse races and you find yourself making all sorts of impolite noises and having to tell the nearest person to you just how good the piece of food currently rolling around inside your mouth is.

Well, smelling Alien La Goût du Parfum for the very first time gave me the scented equivalent of a ‘Foodgasm’, a term which I am now coining ‘Fumegasm’. I sprayed the Alien LGDP on the back of my hand took a big sniff, and for a few seconds couldn’t smell anything new, then it hit me – this stuff is a stroke of genius.

This latest incarnation of my favourite ‘Intergalactic Jasmine’ is unmistakably Alien but it does what so many flankers fail to do, it improves on the original. The epic jasmine and warm solar woods of Alien are softened by a smooth, velvety blanket of caramel. The use of caramel isn’t just a note here, it’s used as a texture, it makes Alien feel silky and the perfumer has to be commended for using it with a light touch, it would have been too easy to make the caramel shout BURNED SUGAR at you, thankfully it doesn’t. The salted facet of the caramel adds a savoury darkness that cuts through the sweetness and whilst it lurks somewhere in the background you can always detect it.

Alien’s base is full of warm cashmeran, a ingredient that adds a woody/musky feeling, and has been very much pushed to the wayside in LGDP, mainly because it is difficult to translate as gourmand. Instead, the amber and vanilla tones have increased in intensity and they mirror the salty caramel perfectly. The dry down really is heavenly, the jasmine become almost lily-like in it’s transparency and it lays within a soft, snuggly vanilla so delicious that you almost forget that this is a perfume…

I really could go on about how wonderful this fragrance is, but I won’t, mainly because I don’t want to bore you but also because I’m quite hungry at this point and am starting to become very tempted to raid the cupboards for something sweet, preferably with caramel. What I will say is that as much as I love Alien, and I REALLY do love Alien, I do prefer Alien LGDP, it turns Alien into a gourmand and takes it to new levels of epic beauty. If you hated Alien you should try LGDP, it is still Alien but it is less in your face and the warmer tones may make this version of Alien more human friendly for you.

Now all I need to do is try the other three!


Alien Le Goût de Parfum is available in non-refillable 30ml Eau de Parfum for £39 and can be purchased from select Department Stores.

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Which of the Le Goût de Parfum fragrances and recipes sound most intriguing to you?

Which foody scents are your favourites?

Let me know in the comments box below!


This review is based on a bottle of Alien Le Goût du Parfum provided by Thierry Mugler.


Image 1

Image 2

All quotes and Image 3 via Press Release.


41 thoughts on “Eat Me – Thierry Mugler Alien Le Goût du Parfum Perfume Review

  1. This is why you are called the Candy Perfume Boy, isn’t it? 🙂
    I love the sound of this perfume, and the salted caramel has me almost drooling. Oh -I hope I can find this here somewhere, I need it!!! And I need some salted caramel as well, stat.

  2. Oh boy…caramel, cashmeran…I’m in! Having only just picked myself up from falling hard for Prada Candy, I feel my knees giving way again.

    Did you fancy trying Fleur de Shanghai in the end, as I would love to exchange small snifters?

  3. Wearing this incredible scent right now!!!!!

    OG Alien is a little too much for my taste, but the salted butter caramel tweak is a perfect addition. Us gourmand freaks need to start petitioning companies to make gourmand versions of every damn scent on the market. It’s a winning formula – just look at how much better Body Kouros is to the rancid piss of Kouros!

    People who complain about some gourmands being too “in your face” or making you smell exactly like a certain food or bakery are lame and need to stick to their safe, soft skin scents. The T.O.F. version of Angel makes me smell like a box of chocolate truffles for the first few minutes – who the hell wouldn’t want to smell that good?

  4. Mmmm… They all sound tempting, but I’m with you— the one that really caught my attention this time round is Alien, though I do intend to locate and beg samples of, the whole batch 🙂

    It’s s strange thing— I never liked gourmands until I became a perfumista; I think it started with the Ambers, then on to vanilla, and now I want to smell like cake. And cookies. Am I regressing to some lost candy-coated childhood? 😉

  5. Oh joy! THIS is the only one of the four (with the possible exception of A*Men) I was really thinking that I would like, and would be rather different than the original (because, let’s face it…I like different!). This was a stunning and descriptive review…to the point of having my stomach GROWLING and having to make a little gourmand snack for myself!

    I am sure i will at least TRY the Womanity with fig chutney and Angel with dark cocoa…but Alien LGDP sounds like the best one of the many flankers to date!

    I love the new term “fumegasm” too, by the way! 🙂 (I may have to “borrow” that…with your permission, of course)

    I adore coffee, hazelnuts, caramel and pralines (in perfumes); so is it any wonder i just adore GIVENCHY’s Very Irresistable Man and PACO RABANNE’s Ultrared Man?? *giggles*

    Keep up the GREAT work Perfumed Candy Boy!! ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Not a problem…I had prosciutto and edam on a whole wheat muffin with some wild mushroom sauce! *licks lips*

        I have only tried Coze (02), Bois Blonde, Psychotrope and Querelle *both from the Private Collection* from PG! I am NOW going to add Praline Santal to my “test list” though! *giggles*

        Many thanks…

  6. Oh my, I’m glad I was already eating as I read this! Generally I’m not a Mugler van. I cannot wear Angel and I’m not sure I’ve ever knowingly tested Alien. I absolute must try this version. I think I’m an oddity as I quite like Womanity and I’d like to see how the Fig Chutney changes it too.

  7. I was waiting for these since I read a couple of months ago about the planned launch.

    I do not even care to try them first – I want mini-bottles for all four. I hope they will be available. If not… (sigh) I absolutely have no space or need for four FBs now so I’ll have to choose wisely.

    Thank you for the review!

  8. Loved your review

    Can you please tell me where I can buy Alien TOF – I really neeeeeeeeeeeed it nowwwwwwww!!
    I dont have a John Lewis or Debenhams near me 😦
    Many Thanks

    • Thank you!

      I have only seen them in the big department stores (i.e. Harrods and Selfridges) and I’m not sure when they are going to turn up in the smaller ones, sorry.

      Perhaps you could call Harrods/Selfridges and they would ship it to you?

  9. Blimey! There I was thinking I was being adventurous going to an Ormonde Jayne/ William Curley chocolate evening. Sounds like an interesting line, especially if you tend to ‘compartmentalise’ your senses. Earlier in the year the Mail ran something about wafting food. Will have to track down both.

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  11. I love Angel and ordered the dark chocolate Angel blind, straight from Mugler & Co.. Will let you all know how it goes! But I’ve been thinking about saving my pennies for Alien as well, the original Alien was a little over-the-top, but this gourmand version sounds soooooo good.

      • The dark chocolate Angel sounds fab!

        I do get what you mean with Alien being ‘Over the Top’, it’s OTT in a very different way to Angel, it can be smelled from MILES away! This version of Alien is much softer, but blind buys are always risky!

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  14. Just came across Alien LGDP on the official site today and found it in Debenhams tonight.

    My god am I pleased I bought it! 10 percent off swayed me a bit, but I stuck some from the tester bottle onto my hand and oh my days, smells like popcorn. Really infused well and I prefer it more to the original fragrance! *swoon*

    Angel LGDP made me choke, I can tolerate the original Angel but that was too much. Likewise with A*Men LGDP, but didn’t get a chance to smell the limited edition version of Womanity.

    I think I may have to get another bottle of this in the new year, this really is my newfound pleasure (and I work in a perfume shop, so this is saying something!)

    • Hi Alex!

      It sounds like you have a found a new love in Alien LGDP. I think all four of the LGDP scents are excellent and Alien is definitely my favourite, if you do get a chance to try Womanity you should, it’s a much more refined and polished version that works better.

      Snap up the Alien LGDP while you can, I believe that they will be out of the stores by January time.

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  16. Okay, you’ve done it.

    I was really doubting whether to buy this or not. I’ve perchased a few perfumes only recently and I was feeling slightly guilty at wanting to buy this one as well.
    I simply LOVE Alien and I LOVE salted caramel (there’s this kind of chocolate that has salted caramelized almonds in it, and it’s just my favourite), so this should be the stuff of my dreams. I’ve seen an online store that still has it, and for quite a fair price, but even then it isn’t exactly cheap.
    But you, you’ve totally won me over with your magnificant review! Fumegasm, hehe, I totally get what you mean, and I think it’s related to the foodgasm, since I only get it with gourmands (or at least perfumes that have an “edible” note, like vanilla).

    I’d LOVE to try Womanity LGDP as well, but I don’t want to risk a blind buy on that one…


    • Hehe – I take no responsibility for wallet damage due to this review 😛

      Blind buys are always risky, but if you’re a fan of Alien then LGDP is a pretty safe bet, especially as you seem to like gourmands too.

      The Womanity is FAB, and I will always choose it over the original, it is much more refined and smoothed out. A risky blind buy though…

      • I did buy both perfumes in the end (they arrived two days ago, yay).
        You’re absolutely right about the Womanity. It’s far more refined and wearable. It smells like fresh ashes on my skin though. I hate the smell of ashtrays but I love Womanity LGDP, really weird. So it’s not really gourmand for me (weirdest thing is, on paper it IS gourmand, but my skin does weird stuff with it).
        Alien LDGP is just glorious. That one IS gourmand (even on my skin :p). It makes me long for winter and the winter Holidays. It makes me want to bake cookies! (Maybe I’ll try to make the Alien LGDP dish) It’s so cozy and fluffy and warm and so not suited for the current hot weather!
        I’m secretly very happy your review convinced me. My wallet is not so, but I think it should be quiet.

      • Yay! I’m so glad you got them AND that you liked them so much, and huge apologies to your wallet…

        I retested the Womanity on paper and on skin this weekend to see if I had the same experience as you with the level of gorumand-ness. It definitely does smell different on paper vs skin, and I find it to be more effervescent on paper but the level of gourmand stays the same. It’s interesting how it works differently on different skin!

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