Saturday Poll: Which Perfume Concentration Do You Prefer?

I enjoyed last week’s Saturday Poll so much I have made the decision to make it a weekly feature. The reason I had originally intended to hold the poll on a monthly basis was simply because the WordPress poll client (Polldaddy) only allows a certain number of responses per month before requiring a rather pricey upgrade. But it seems that I should be able to run the poll comfortably within the monthly response limit, yay!

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff and on to the results of last Saturday’s poll. I asked you to pick your favourite fragrance from Mona di Orio’s Les Nombres d’Or collection. Vanille rained supreme with 29% of the vote an Oud wasn’t too far behind with 27%.

On to this week’s poll…

The Poll

This week’s poll focuses on perfume concentration. Which do you usually go for; Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum or Parfum? OR does it entirely depend on the fragrance and or/house?

Please feel free to leave a comment explaining your answer in the comments box.