There Goes My Diet – Angel Chocolates by MUGLER x La Maison du Chocolat


Please forgive my excitement, fellow perfume nerds, but it simply cannot be contained today, for there are now Angel chocolates on the market. Now, if you know me, you know that there are three things I hold dear to my heart in this world; 1) my family (including my cats) and friends; and 2) food; and 3) MUGLER. So it stands to reason then, that the idea of MUGLER themed chocolates, nay ANGEL themed chocolates would get me just a tad excited. Well that’s exactly what’s got me going today and hopefully they will do the same to you!

So, MUGLER have teamed up with another legendary French house, the chocolatey heaven of La Maison du Chocolat to translate their most iconic fragrance into a gustatory delight. The result is a box of beautiful chocolates that break down the three key accords of Angel into edible delights that are as indulgent as the scent itself. If, like me, you were trying to diet then I’m sorry, Angel has other plans for you and as we all know, she does not take no for answer.

MUGLER x La Maison du Chocolat
MUGLER x La Maison du Chocolat

Angel is famous for being one of the first perfumes to boast a chocolate accord so this collaboration feels long overdue. For the limited edition selection, MUGLER have worked with Nicolas Cloiseau, La Maison du Chocolats chef to craft four chocolates that represent the bold facets of Angel. They represent the celestial, the delicious, the voluptuous and the multi-faceted darkness of Angel, but most of all they celebrate the fragrance for being one of the most innovative gourmands – the scent that created the genre and to this day, rules over it as queen.

What’s on the Menu?

Celestial Chocolate; representing Angel’s top notes, this chocolate boasts a ganache of bergamot, mandarin jelly and milk chocolate. Fresh, tangy and invigorating, the celestial chocolate is a spark of freshness that playfully hints at the intrigue to come.

Delicious Chocolate; evoking the heart of Angel, delicious pairs candyfloss-flavoured marshmallow with red fruits, chocolate and hazelnut/almond praline. This is Angel’s more indulgent side, where sugar feels weightless and exuberant.

Eat Me
Eat Me

Voluptuous Chocolate; now we’re getting into the dark and serious stuff with the vanilla and patchouli (a nod to Olivier Cresp’s ‘Patchou‘ accord) flavouring a dark chocolate ganache. You’d be une ganache not to fall for this one.

Angel Star; pure Madagascan dark chocolate shaped into the infinite and iconic Angel star flacon sparkle with depth, darkness and the tang of red fruits, making for a salivating and supernova-esque experience.


The MUGLER x La Maison du Chocolat Angel chocolates are available on 24 April from La Maison du Chocolate boutiques and online for £25.


Sample of Angel and chocolates via MUGLER. Images are my own.