Five Reasons Why I’m Obsessed With Prada Candy


I talk a lot about new stuff on the blog, mainly because there is so much new stuff out there!  I do like to keep you up to date with all the wonderfully smelly fragrances out there that are in need of sniffing, so what I bring to you is often new.  Sometimes though, I like to talk about the classics or simply those important fragrances that have done something different or have changed the face of perfumery in some unusual way.

So today I want to talk about a fragrance that isn’t new – one that I’ve had a strange relationship with.  It’s a fragrance that shares my name (well my pseudonym anyway) and it’s one that I’ve liked but I’ve never bitten the bullet and bought.  That fragrance is Prada Candy and in this post I want to share five reasons why it’s my latest obsession, despite the fact that it is far from new.  But first some history.

I was recently contacted by Fragrance Direct the online fragrance retailer who asked me to pick a scent from their extensive selection to write about.  Now I can handle most things, Dear Reader, but choice is not one of them.  Present me with a range of options and I am completely stumped.  Do I go for something new and a blind buy of something that I’ve never tried?  Or do I top up on a beloved fragrance that is running low?  Hmmm, no I know what to do, I’ll go for something I’ve always been unsure of wearing – and that’s what I did.

2017-07-20 01.30.43

Prada Candy is a good fragrance and I enjoy it but I never remember being so wowed by it that I had to have it, and when you own nearly 1000 fragrances you really have to need something to add it to the lineup.  So thanks to Fragrance Direct I finally gave Candy the chance it deserved.  Now for five reasons why I am completely and utterly obsessed with Prada Candy right now.

1 – It’s so Prada

Prada have been VERY clever. Working almost exclusively with Perfumer Daniela Andrier, the brand has managed to create an inimitable house signature that is immediately recognisable as ‘Prada’. This signature is based around the powdery, rooty note of iris, which is treated in a translucent and almost fizzy way in most Prada fragrances. This signature is present in Candy and whilst the fragrance is more full-bodied and more gourmand, it’s stilly noticeably ‘Prada’.

2 – It’s Not Your Typical Gourmand

We often think of gourmands as thick and heavy syrups of chocolate, stewed fruits or vanilla and with good reason, because many of them are! Candy however, is not one such gourmand, and whilst the name may hint at a stomach-churning sweetness, but the truth is rather more transparent. That’s right, with its fluffy cloud of benzoin, Candy is actually rather like and buoyant, like a diluted caramel. Delicious, but not overly so.

3 – That Bottle

Come on, that bottle is beautiful, right? Those golden letters. That pink label. The umbrella sprayer. Perfect.

4 – It’s So Much Fun

I like a fragrance that has a personality and Prada Candy has that in spades. Smelling it throughout the day, one gets the impression of a cheeky character who perhaps has an unhealthy relationship with sweet treats. Wait, that sounds like me – no wonder they called it ‘Candy’.

5 – I’m Addicted

Yup. Whilst I liked Candy when I first reviewed it, my time with it over the last month or so has made me realise that I love it. Which is good because Prada did create it and name it after me. Thanks Prada!


Sample via Fragrance Direct. Images are my own.