Candy Crush: Blenheim Bouquet Classic Candle by Penhaligon’s

Candy Crush: Blenheim Bouquet Classic Candle by Penhaligon's
Candy Crush: Blenheim Bouquet Classic Candle by Penhaligon’s

I’m always crushing on something scented or other. My nose knows no limits. Candy Crush is where I showcase the beautifully scented things I’m crushing on right now so you can hopefully develop a crush too.

Scented candles are much loved at Candy Perfume Towers. We like to have them in every room to ensure that each wing, turret and chamber is appropriately scented. Apparently we also have delusions of grandeur and for the sake of honesty I really should inform you that Candy Perfume Towers is actually an end of terraced abode (a rather lovely one it must be said) and not a castle. It’s not even officially called Candy Perfume Towers. Boo to reality, we say. Boo to it!

Anyway back to scented candles. These lovely objects are great because they can really set the mood in a room and they feel like a true indulgence, making for the perfect gift or even the ultimate treat. Good candles are those that have a strong presence but don’t overwhelm and I think I may have just found one that strikes that balance perfectly. That candle is the Blenheim Bouquet Classic Candle from Penhaligon’s, which boasts a timeless scent worn by all sorts of gents, from the gentry of the early 1900s to the hipsters of today. Oh and Winston Churchill too. That’s quite the endorsement now, isn’t it?

An All-Round Classic
An All-Round Classic

The Blenheim Bouquet Classic Candle from Penhaligon’s has been burning away in my office off and on for the last couple of weeks. Scented with the brand’s iconic fragrance, Blenheim Bouquet (rather obviously) this candle fully embodies the best parts of Penhaligon’s flagship cologne, adding a smart and well-tailored air to any room, which is for the best because my office is a crazy place. It’s a blank canvas with interesting tidbits – a bright yellow lava lamp here, a plastic melting ice cream there, oh and not to mention the giant blue and orange origami stag head on the wall. So it’s nice to have a contrasting air of calm amongst the madness and the Blenheim Bouquet Classic Candle brings exactly that.

So how does it smell? Well the classic notes of the fragrance are there, but whilst I find the Eau de Toilette to be heavy on the ginger (it’s like a ginger punch to the face if such a thing could exist), the candle is more subtle and places the emphasis on the citrus and pine. The result is a soft plume of super-clean lemon, lavender and musk against a green backdrop that gives the impression of freshly-starched linen and zesty, bitter cocktails. It’s a pleasant, transparent scent that really does fill a room and walking back into my office after time away whilst the candle burns (I do not advocate leaving a candle on when you leave the room, of course…) is a real treat.

Great scent? Check. Clean, unobtrusive presentation? Check. Decent burn time? Approx. 60 hours, so check. Iconic, legendary and classic? Check, check and check. It’s got to be a Candy Crush then!


The Blenheim Bouquet Classic Candle is £34/140g.


Sample, notes and quotes via Penhaligon’s. Images are my own.