Candy Crush: Serge Lutens’ New Look

2017-10-24 01.20.48

I’m always crushing on something scented or other. My nose knows no limits. Candy Crush is where I showcase the beautifully scented things I’m crushing on right now so you can hopefully develop a crush too.

Serge Lutens is a man of aesthetics, both visual and olfactive. In his career he has not only worked as an olfactory architect, he has also been a photographer and a make-up artist too. Each of the things that he lends his hand to has an incredibly distinct style, whether it be the sharp, elfin style of his photography and make-up work, or the hedonistic orientalism and deadly botany of his fragrances. Everything he does looks, feels and smells like it comes from Serge Lutens, especially the bottles for his perfumes, which in a strange way are a visual interpretation of his muse in glass.

2017-10-24 01.29.38

In his olfactory arsenal, Serge Lutens has three collections; Selection d’Or (those super pricy black and gold bottles), the Exclusive Collection (the Paris Boutique exclusive bell jars) and his Beige/Black Collection (the more accessible collection that we all know and love). Well, the Beige/Black Collection has just had a bit of a revamp and is now called La Collection Noir. It has been edited (and some scents have unfortunately gone from the lineup – but not everything can make the cut), repackaged and enlarged to create a collection that looks as bold and beautiful as it smells.

Looking at the bottles the change is subtle at first. The thin, column-like shape remains, as does the domed screw cap. Even the optional, tall sprayer (and lid) is still there too. The bottle looks as it always has, like one of Lutens’ muses – tall and statuesque with wide, angular shoulders. It’s immediately recognisable and undeniably beautiful. So if that’s all the same, what are the changes? Well the label has been modernised with a new design, but the biggest change is the size, with these chunky bottles now holding 100ml of one’s favourite Serge Lutens perfume. That’s not something to shake a stick at, let’s be honest.

2017-10-24 01.21.11

So what’s the verdict? Well obviously this is a Candy Crush so my thoughts are going to be positive (otherwise I wouldn’t be crushing, now would I?) so it’ll surprise no-one when I say that I am loving this new look. The 100ml bottles are beautifully statuesque and being double the size, one gets double the Lutens, which is never a bad thing. The aesthetic of the collection is sleek, sophisticated and ‘Serge’ in every way, re-emphasising the beauty of a collection that has created, fascinated and transported a generation of perfume lovers since the 1990s. Long may it reign.


Each fragrance in La Collection Noire is available in 100ml Eau de Parfum for £135.


Sample via Serge Lutens. Images are my own.