Perfume Review: Sesame Chān by Anima Vinci


Anima Vinci offers a very solid collection of fragrances. They riff off classic styles – the hesperidic, the rose, the white floral etc. – but bring something entirely new to their respective genres. Most are beautiful (find me a prettier rose than Rose Prana, I challenge you) and some, like Wood of Life, are new and challenging. All are fascinating, fully fleshed out fragrances created with a vibrant spirit and a sense of passion.

Sesame Chān is the latest launch from Anima Vinci. It’s an ode to vetiver via an unusual combination of nutty notes and sesame seeds:

Sesame Chān exudes tranquillity, Japanese gardens, a touch of almond pink flowers, light meditation stones, deep and rich grounded emotions, the cosiness and warmth of a winter season.


The Notes

Top: Ginger, Cashew, and Hazelnut
Heart: Roasted Sesame Seeds and Carrot Heart
Base: Vetiver and Cedar

The Perfumer

Sophie Labbé (IFF)

How Does it Smell?

Sesame Chān is essentially a vetiver fragrance but with a twist. In fact, make that a few twists! It’s a vetiver where the naturally savoury facets of the material – the nutty and the salty – are amplified by a number of intriguing adornments. These decorations both intensify and shroud the vetiver, crafting the earthy greenery of this distinct material into something that is both familiar and strange.

There’s a flash of freshness up top – a twist of ginger and lime coming together to create a brief shock and a zing. Like a lightning strike, this quickly dissipates  and the then the thunder rolls in – and in the case of Sesame Chān, this means loud claps of warm, nutty tones soaked in salted caramel. The whole thing has a swinging, sweet-savoury vibe with roasted sesame seeds bringing a really unusual toasted nuance, making Sesame Chān a stealth gourmand with a fun twist.


The vetiver becomes most prominent in the base. Unlike many vetiver fragrances, Sesame Chān does not feature any of the fresh, grapefruit facets of vetiver, instead choosing to take the salty, earthy elements and pair them with a warm and toasted cedar note. Overall, the impression is soft and calming, presenting vetiver soaked in salt and sugar, but with transparency and lightness.

Sesame Chān is a truly interesting perfume. It celebrates the salty, savoury facets of vetiver, enrobing them in a silky wave of nutty warmth, creating a vetiver that is comforting and warm. It reminds me of Hermès’ Vetiver Tonka but with the balance skewed more to the nutty, maple-esque gourmand notes than the vetiver.


Sesame Chān is available in 100ml Eau de Parfum for £150.


Sample (pictured) sent by Anima Vinci for consideration. I was not paid for this review and Anima Vinci had no input in the contents of this article. Notes and quotes via Anima Vinci. Images are my own.