Candy Crush: Sniph Scent Subscription

I’m always crushing on something scented or other. My nose knows no limits. Candy Crush is where I showcase the beautifully scented things I’m crushing on right now so you can hopefully develop a crush too.

There is a lot of perfume out there, let’s be real. Each year we see about 2,000 new launches which makes it pretty impossible to smell them all – heck, that makes it difficult to even know about them all! So what’s a perfume lover to do? Scour the department stores for what’s good and exciting? Traverse the many corners of the internet to compile a shortlist of things to go out and try? Or maybe there’s another way? Indeed there is – Sniph!

Sniph is a scent subscription service that gives you the opportunity to receive a regular supply of perfume to wear. The idea is incredibly simple: you sign up to one of their collections for a reasonable £14 per month and then you receive an 8ml spray (enough to last you the month until the next delivery) each and every month. So if you’re the kind of person who never knows what to buy, Sniph’s expert-picked scents will do the work for you.

Each of the collections (of which there are six to choose from) are curated by Sniph, which means they go out and sniff (pun alert) fragrances to bring you what they feel to be the good and the great. They do the sniffing so you don’t have to – you just need to wait patiently by your letterbox for your latest scent to arrive, which sounds like a fair deal to me.

Sniph sent me my very own subscription to try. I went for the Avant-Garde collection – a selection of unisex fragrances that is for the experimental and more daring perfume lover (yup, sounds like me). For my first delivery I received Touch by Swedish design brand Ann Ringstrand. It’s a powdery, woody fragrance with a spicy, gin-like fizz up top and a dark, petroleum-like oudiness in the base. I’d never heard of the brand, nor the scent, but it came with clear and easy tasting notes (see above) to tell me exactly what I needed to know. I’ve enjoyed wearing Touch immensely, finding it to be the perfect thing for days where I wanted something subtle but unique. So for their first go, Sniph did good by me.

For me, the great thing about Sniph is the idea of discovery – and the ease of it. I smell a lot of stuff but I don’t get my nose on everything. I’m also a creature of habit so I tend to gravitate to the brands that I know that I love. So what Sniph has done for me is challenge me to try something new – something that I; a) may never have heard of; b) may never have had access to; and b) may never have thought was for me. I ended up with a perfume I never would have tried and I ended up enjoying, and wearing it. I call that a result! Now I’m just looking forward to seeing what comes through my door next month…


A Sniph subscription is £14 per month (and you can pause, or cancel, at any time) – for that price you get an 8ml spray of a new fragrance every month. Delivery is free and you get a handsome twist ‘n’ spritz smart case to carry your scents. You can choose from Sniph’s six collections:

– Trending Now
– Female Classics
– Clean
– Avant-Garde
– Work/Play for Men
– Aesthetic for Men

To help you decide which collection is for you, take the Sniph Scent Quiz.


Product provided by Sniph.

This is a sponsored post. What does that mean? That means that I was paid by Sniph to feature their product. Sniph had no say in what I wrote and I only accept sponsored opportunities from brands that I would otherwise write about. So in short, I like Sniph so here it is featured on the blog as a recommended service.

Images are my own.