Smelly News: New From Thierry Mugler – ‘Les Liqueurs de Parfums’

Les Liqueurs de Parfums
Les Liqueurs de Parfums

It’s that time of year again where Thierry Mugler gets set to launch their annual collection of limited editions. For the past few years the mad hatters over at Mugler have redressed the scents (and bottles) of their iconic fragrances (Angel, A*Men, Alien and Womanity) in a variety of enhancements, namely; booze, food and leather, begging the question of ‘what’s next?’

Well the answer to that question is simple – this year Mugler is covering familiar ground with ‘Les Liqueurs de Parfums’, four fragrances enhanced by the “essence of fine spirits”. The collection includes the ever-popular A*Men Pure Malt as well as the highly respected Angel and Alien Liqueur de Parfums, each accented by a different liqueur.

It it not known whether these are reformulated or new versions but the boxes are stamped with ‘Creation 2013’. There is also an entirely new Liqueur de Parfum edition for 2010’s Womanity. The collection will launch in the UK on 01 October 2013 and further details can be found below the jump.

From the Press Release:

“The beauty of Les Liqueurs de Parfums is the ageing process. Using insipriation from vintage spirits, each fragrance is ‘aged’ in wooden casks of toasted wood for six weeks. This carefully orchestrated contact between the eau de parfum and wood enables Thierry Mugler to enhance his original creations with smooth, sweet notes. By also heating the casks, the toasted tones add a hint of warmth to each scent”

Angel Liqueur de Parfum
Angel Liqueur de Parfum with Cognac: 35ml Eau de Parfum for £40

“Macerated for six weeks in a toasted cherry wood cask, this delicious edition captivates and innovates opulence. Faceted with suprising smoky tones, Angel reveals gourmand notes of candied fruits wrapped in soft honey and amber overtones”

Alien Liqueur de Parfum
Alien Liqueur de Parfum with Rum: 30ml Eau de Parfum for £40

“This creation was aged for six weeks in a toasted oak cask to bring out the unsuspected richness and sensuality of the fragrance. The intoxicating resonance of woody amber notes with a subtle almond overtone give rise to a new facet which transcends Alien.

Womanity Liqueur de Parfum
Womanity Liqueur de Parfum with Vodka: 50ml Eau de Parfum for £40

“After six weeks of contact in the toasted oak cask, this scent acquired a more sensual and biting edge. The final creation was chiselled with accents of dried fruit with an emphasis of hazelnut and softly spiced woody notes.”

A*Men Pure Malt
A*Men Pure Malt with Whisky: 100ml Eau de Toilette for £45

“The masculine fragrance is imbued with a new breadth of smoky elegance. Aged for six weeks in a toasted oak cask, the scent takes on a distinguished amber note with a subtle peat-like facet which is found in some famed whiskies.”