Speed Sniff: Nubian Musk by Sana Jardin Paris


Speed Sniffs is a way to bring you ‘to-the-point’ fragrance reviews that are quick and easy to digest. They are perfume reviews without the faff.

Sana Jardin is a new eco and ethically conscious fragrance house that aims to create luxurious niche fragrance that brings real change for the growers of the materials, specifically women. This is done through their Beyond Sustainability movement which, as Sana Jardin puts it, “is a movement to create tangible and measurable social change through commerce, not charity. It’s a movement to create female entrepreneurs who are agents of change in their community. It is built on traditional, sustainable practices and fair trade. Beyond Sustainability™ is preserving heritage skills while inspiring the next generation of artisans.”

It’s always good for fragrances houses to take a socially-conscious approach to their manufacturing and for this to be at the heart of a luxury niche brand is really encouraging. There are currently seven fragrances in the collection, one of which is the focus of today’s speed sniff! That scent is Nubian Musk and it’s described by Sana Jardin as follows; “A seductive scent recollection…a physical encounter, a chemical attraction, limbs entwined, souls lost to pure, carnal desire. Fragranced with the intoxicating, raw scent of skin, amplified in the heat of passion.” Sounds like it’s quite something, doesn’t it?!


Nubian Musk is a rich and intense take on the musk genre. For me, musk falls largely into two camps; the soft, laundry style musk (a la White Musk) or the beastly, body parts on full show kind of musk (see Musc Ravageur). Nubian Musk is most certainly in the second camp but I wouldn’t say that it is beastly, in fact, it has a rather opulent character that makes it feel a bit too refined and luxurious to be dirty. It’s a strange contrast, for sure.

In terms of smell, Nubian Musk opens with rich purple fruit dried by the sun. It has a wave of spice underneath this fruit accord, leading one to think of Moroccan cuisine, where fruits and spices bubble together in harmony. Rose extends the exotic feel, wrapping itself in the deep, intimate veil of musk to create a rich and feral fragrance evocative of animal furs and human odours. All of this is served with satisfying longevity and a palatable transparency. It never feels too much or too little.

The Verdict

Let’s be real, Nubian Musk is a little bit sexy. You spray it on and the temperature in the room rises a little and those around you start to play with their collars. It has a rich, vibrant patchwork to it, almost as if it is composed from varying fabrics, each of which is imbued with its own intricate pattern. I don’t think it’s something I’d reach for regularly, but as far as opulent musks go, it’s certainly worth a try.


Sniff This if…

…you love an exotic (and slightly erotic) musk and fancy supporting a socially conscious fragrance house.


Nubian Musk is available in 100ml Eau de Parfum for £180.


Sample, notes and quotes via Sana Jardin Paris. Images are my own.